Subway Surfers Hack Apk Mod Luoyang [Coins/Keys/Characters/All Versions]

The best and most popular endless running game is this Subway Surfers Hack Luoyang. Many players are in search of breaking the top scores records, but no one can remain on the top for quite a long. As developers at SYBO Games are bringing updates regularly and designing new characters since the early days.

Subway Surfers Hack Apk makes you get all those coins and extra surprises in your track while avoiding upcoming trains and other obstacles. The pleasure of having more coins and keys grabs you to the screen for hours. But with every update, the difficulty levels are on the rise.

It’s always difficult for the new players to score big numbers and run longer on those unlimited Subway tracks. So we are here with the Subway Surfers Hack apk Mod. That allows users to get some extra coins and Keys to unlock the powers they need in the game.

Before heading to the Modded version of Subway Surfers, here are all the details you need to know about the game.

Subway Surfers Hack Mod Apk

Subway Surfers Apk Mod Game Info:

App Name Subway-Surfers-Luoyang.Apk
File Size 164 MB
Latest Version 3.3.0
Operating System Android 5.0 and Above
Developer SYBO Games
Updated On 03 May 2023
Google Play Store Subway Surfers on Play Store

Subway Surfers Fresh Version:

The latest version of Subway Surfers is this one.

Subway Surfers Luoyang November 2022

What’s new:

  • The Subway Surfers World Tour travels far to a lantern-filled Luoyang!
  • This new surfer is ready for the sing — join in with Song Yi and her musical instrument of choice, the Night Lute Board.
  • Lee gets a fresh new look with the awesome Wudang Outfit.
  • Celebrate Kindness Day with a rewardful Kindness Calendar, and have Cleo join your crew.
  • Get your pit crew ready for a speedy Tag Time Attack in Monaco!

What is Subway Surfers hack APK?

The APK file or android Packages file is the one which is a file format needed by different applications to install it on an Android phone. The Subway Surfers Apk also allows users to get the game from any third-party source and install it on their Android phones.

The game is simple: you play as a character who has to run along the subway tracks and collect coins and other items without being caught by the train that comes speeding down the track.

Surfers can run, jump, slide, and turn around 360 degrees to avoid obstacles and enemies. They have to avoid crashing into trains or falling into the gaps between rails.

What is Subway Surfers Mod apk Hack?

The modded version of a game is the one that is edited by some third-party modders. They add some extra features to the game. The Subway Surfers Mod Apk we are providing is also the version that has 999,999,999 Coins, 999,999,999 Keys and all characters unlocked.

Here are some of the features you are going to get with the mod apk Subway Surfers files.

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Keys.
  3. Infinite Surfing boards
  4. Unlocked Double coins.
  5.  Infinite powers up.
  6. Unlimited Head Starts.
  7. Unlimited Score Boosters at the start of the game.
  8. Full JetPack
  9. Full Super Sneakers
  10. Full Coin Magnet
  11. Full 2X Multiplier

Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins Keys

This sounds interesting, right? Now you can make some great records with your Subway Surfers game.

Is Subway Surfers Offline Game?

Yes, the game is offline and is a lot more fun when you play it offline. You can play the game without an internet connection and still have a great time.

Offline mode is perfect for people who are on the go and don’t have access to Wi-Fi or data. It’s also great for people who want to save their data or just want to avoid the ads that pop up while playing online.

Subway Surfers Online Free Version:

Subway Surfers is a game that has been around for a while now. It is one of the most popular games in the world and it has been downloaded over 1 billion times.

The game starts with you running down the tracks, trying to avoid obstacles and trains. You have to collect coins and power-ups on your way to getting more points. The goal of the game is to run as far as you can without getting caught by a train or an obstacle.

Subway Surfers Cheats Hack

The game was created by Kiloo Games, an independent company based in Denmark, and SYBO Games, which is based in Sweden.

How do you get Unlimited Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers Hack?

All you have to do is download the modded version of the game to get unlimited Coins and Keys in the game. I have described the process in full detail below.

How do you cheat in Subway Surfers?

Always Follow our site as we are regular posters of the Subway Surfers Mod Apk and we have been doing this since the early days. You can get Unlimited Coins and Keys which will help you in cheat your subway surfers scores in the game.

The best Subway Surfers Cheats are here.

Main features of the game:

Here are some of the main features of the Subway Surfers Mod apk. You will get all the bonus features with this modded version.

Subway Surfers Hack Apk Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Coins (A total of 9,999,999) are enough for you to buy the whole features in the game.
  • These coins will never end no matter how much you spend. They will remain the same.
  • Unlimited Keys (Total of 9,999,999) So in a single Subway Surfers game you can die 1000 times and we will bring you back.
  • The best thing with this hack is that the keys don’t end and the number remains the same no matter how many times your character gets caught by the dumpy policeman chasing him/her.
  • Not the free Hoverboards here as you have to tap more to buy some but still many Characters are unlocked.
  • All Powers are fully upgraded already even before you start playing.
  • All items in Subway Surfers are Unlocked and available.

How To Install It Subway Surfers Hack: 

This step-by-step process of installing the hacked subway Surfers files can be done on Android devices. For the iPhones or iOS devices, we have added another guide below.


  • The first thing you need is to Delete or Uninstall the game from your Android device.
  • Now you can download the desired version of Subway Surfers given in the download links below.
  • If you are on a PC download the modded Apk file of your choice on your PC from the links given below and then transfer these files to your Android device to install the package.
  • Keep in mind that you only can install one version of Subway Surfers at once.
  • Now you can open the Subway Surfers modded Apk and install it on your device. It will install in an instant and now you have your Desired Subway Surfers Modded Apk loaded with Unlimited coins and keys.
  • You can get all of your recent records and stats by simply logging into your Facebook account.

Install Subway Surfers

Here are the Subway Surfers Hacks for all versions with unlimited Keys and Coins. Download the desired Subway Surfers Modded Apk.

How to Hack Subway Surfer for iPhone/iPad/iPod :


  1. The most important thing you will need is the tools that is, iFunBox or DiskAid. Chooses any of them.
  2. Download Winrar for Windows or UnRarX for Mac OS X in case you don’t have the unzip utility installed on your PC or Mac.

Follow these Instructions Step by Step.

Subway Surfers Hack for iPhone
Subway Surfers iPhone Hack
  1. Download the modded game Zip Files from the Given Link Subway Keys Hack.Zip
  2. After Downloading the “Subway Keys” Extract the files in a new Folder.
  3. Close all running applications, especially the Subway Surfer game if it is running on your phone by selecting it in Multitasking.
  4. Open the iFunBox on your PC or Mac Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod with the PC or Mac using a USB cable.
  5. Click on iFunBox Classic and select Applications.
  6. Navigate down to Subway Surf and select the Document folder.
  7. Replace all the files in the Document folder with the files you just Downloaded and Extracted to the New Folder.
  8. Now Open Subway Surfers . Here you Go, Your game has been hacked with all the above-mentioned features unlocked.

Subway Surfers Latest version of Gameplay videos:

This is the latest Subway Surfers World Tour 2022 Iceland gameplay video for you.

Subway Surfers Hack 24 hours straight World Record Score:

Once you get the hacked Subway Surfers game, you can break this score of 127,949,424 right on your phone.

Subway Surfers Hack Record Score

Subway Surfers Unblocked:

Here is the list of all the Subway Surfers Unvlocked Characters.

  • Zombie Jake
  • Tag Bot
  • Elf Tricky
  • Tricky
  • Yutani
  • Brody
  • Jake
  • Prince K
  • Wayne
  • Frank
  • Andy
  • Lucy
  • Rosa
  • Fresh
  • Dino


How to get Facebook integration with Subway Surfers?

Many users have complained about the disconnection of their Facebook accounts from their subway surfers’ game records. You need to restart the game and read this Facebook integration guide to fix the issues.

How to get unlimited hoverboards in Subway Surfers?

You need to download the Modded file from the given link below to get infinite hoverboards in the game.

Can we earn money by playing Subway Surfers?

Yes, You can by streaming your game live on YouTube or Facebook.

How to get Keys Fast in Subway Surfers?

The only way to get unlimited keys and fast keys are to download the mod apk version of the game given below.

Is there an End to Subway Surfers?

No, there is no end to this game. Even a player played it for 24 hours straight and he still couldn’t end the game. BTW he scored 127,994,554 and it is the world record for the whole day straight game.

How to add Friends on Subway Surfers?

You can add friends by connecting your Facebook account with Subway Surfers game. Following this guide here.

What is Score Booster?

The score booster allows users to get a boosted score in the game, it’s also available in the free features of the Subway Surfers Mod.

How to increase the score Multiplier?

Play the modded version and you will increase the score multiplier.


The Subway Surfers Hack Mod Apk is here, Once again we will say Sit Back and Relax !!! You must have more than 9,999,999 Coins and 9,999,999 Keys. For exact figures read above. To download the Modded Subway Surfers Hack file Click On the Links given.

Download Now

The modded *.Apk file is 164.32 MB in size so better try WiFi or free internet! The links given below are Google Drive *.Zip links.

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