Technology at Its Best with R4 3DS cards.

When it comes to the technical world of games, nothing can prove to be better than a Nintendo console gaming device. However, the success story of this device was quite different before the R4 cards come into being. Earlier the device was nothing but a video game that used to come with some good games loaded into it.  But the invention of R4 cards turned the whole scenario and made the device the most sought after among all.


Games are one of the most time passing elements. No matter how old are you, if you have a flair for playing games, you will enjoy playing games by using a console device, which offers you a wide screen, superb sound quality and touch screen facilities. However, before the R4 cards come into being, there were no storage capabilities in the device. So, it made possible to store new games in the device at ease.

However, just a basic R4 card could not have brought all these revolutionary changes that reached the Nintendo device to the heights. The new version of R4 card for 3DS is definitely a great new invention.

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The difference between R4 cards and R4 3DS cards:

When 3D technology got introduced in the console device, R4 3DS cards were also introduced to complement the technology and its 3D capability. Nintendo 3DS can play the games of the previous series of DSi and DS consoles, and this makes developers manufacture the R4 3DS flash cards. It helps in storing Homebrew games. It came with messaging and Wi-Fi Internet access, which made it possible to pair the device easily with a computer. It also has a camera and can create proper 3D images by using cards. You can bring the most popular characters of the console game through this device.

By using the 3DS apps, you can get to download music, videos, etc and play them being worried how it will support all these multimedia things. You can even go for downloading eBooks and store them in the device and read then whenever you want. Previously the R4 cards were only a mean of transferring DS console devices into portable ones, but now the advancement has turned it more than just a memory card. It completes the device by being the sole. 

So, be a person updated with the latest innovations of technology by being a user of Nintendo Console device along with an R4 card for 3DS attached with it.  

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