The Next Huawei Mate 8 could use a 2.5D coverage


Huawei makes known his successor Ascend Mate 7 during the upcoming Mobile World Congress is high. Over the past several days have been new leaked images that a mobile stranger appears with much in common with this terminal, but with some important differences pointing in two different directions: could be the Mate 8 , or from the Plus version of Mate 7 .

Our colleagues from Engadget Android taught us a couple of days ago some of the images that have been leaked, and in which this mobile Huawei officially listed yet unknown. But now we have a new track which, if confirmed, would put this phone as an even more attractive option than the Ascend Mate 7, an interesting phone that, you remember, came relatively recently (in September last year).


The Ascend Mate 7 is a mobile with an elegant design, which highlights a very reasonable upper and lower frames, and minimal side frames. The photos that have leaked from his possible successor show that this very stylish design will present in the new mobile, but with a difference that is worth to note: it seems that your screen is protected by a tempered glass sheet 2.5D curved at the ends and similar to that used, for example, on the iPhone by Apple 6 .

The photographs have also filtrate allow us to intuit that the side frames are slightly thinner than the Mate 7, which are already quite narrow, which seems to confirm that Huawei has not relaxed with the design. In any case, do not take long to find out for sure because, probably, the Chinese brand will officially unveil this mobile in the MWC to be held in early March. I will keep counting.

Via | GSM Insider