What happened to THR & Co. restaurant, the famous Thrandco brand.

Hotel and Restaurant Businesses Work to Curb Consumer’s Worries During the Government Shutdown this happened to some of our favorite restaurant branches across the world. Including the most favorite Candian Thr & Co. or the Thrandco.com branch of the hotel.

SACRAMENTO — With no end in sight, concerns over the government shutdown are reaching epidemic levels in Sacramento and other cities throughout the country.
More than 20,000 federal workers and contractors were without pay Tuesday, and about 6,000 others deemed essential are working without pay — including about 1,500 who work for the federal court system in Sacramento.

Thrandco.com hotel closed Thr & Co
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A Small introduction of Thr & Co. Restaurant:

Name: THR & Co.
Contact Info:
 97 Harbord St., 647-748-7199, thrandco.com, @THRandCo
 David Mitton (The Harbord Room, Czehoski), Cory Vitiello (The Harbord Room, The Drake), Mike Logue (The Harbord Room, Czehoski) Liz Campbell (The Harbord Room, Czehoski), Curt Martin (The Harbord Room)
Cory Vitiello (Executive Chef), Curt Martin (Chef de Cuisine)

What happened to Thrandco.com and THR & Co Brand:

The closure makes the fans go nuts as many Toronto citizens had this restaurant topping their bucket list. so this new breaking news had them by surprise.
“They’re used to this. So they’ve been through this before,” said Sacramento federal security guard Charles Ham. “As the day comes, they get more and more frustrated. And so, eventually, we get a solution.”
These kinds of agencies are partially funded by grants, which means they aren’t allowed to furlough people without funding.

On the flip side, hotels in downtown and midtown are hurting as some guests are choosing to stay elsewhere in the city.

One large hotel just off the freeway is doing brisk business on weekends but said they are losing millions of dollars every day they are closed.

“I mean it’s like we’re in the slow boat to China,” said Charlie Bramson, the general manager of the W Hotel.

Employees are working to answer phone calls and handle reservations, and they’re allowing guests to break their hotel reservations and stay with friends, just to keep the doors open.

Thrandco.com and THR & Co Brand are here:

They’ve had more than 30 cancellations so far and the hotel is down to an occupancy rate of 70 percent.
“This is not fair to them. These are people who live paycheck to paycheck, so this is very impactful to the business,” Bramson said who break the news of thar&co closure.

The only thing keeping some hotels and restaurants open is the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders who work for tips. It’s an especially tough situation at El Patio Fiesta Restaurant on H Street.

“There’s definitely a lot of uncertainty. It’s kind of hurtful,” waitress Jennifer Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and others will do what they can to make sure the customer’s Business closes during Covid-19.
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