Tips for hiring a Google AdWords Consultant.

Maintaining your blog or website rank high is quite demanding, and that is why it makes sense to hire professionals and take care of it for you while you take care of others. Digital marketing is on the rise, and Online Advertising is growing rapidly daily. Google AdWords is one of the channels of Digital Online advertising.

Google AdWords is a platform that works with pay-per-click. Pay per Click is an online advertising method that allows a person or business to bid against other websites, and in the process, you purchase visitors from already established websites or search engines such as Google.

Finding the best consultant for your business is very frustrating, especially a Google AdWords consultant. Of course, there are many to work with, but getting the best to work with can be challenging. According to AdWords management in Perth, the following tips can help you in hiring a Google AdWords expert.

Google Adwards consultants

Do they have similar businesses experience?

What has been their experience if they have worked with other businesses in your industry? If they have worked with other businesses, they know their customers’ behaviors and how they acquire products and services online. You can also check if they have worked with other businesses closely similar to your sector if they have not necessarily worked with businesses similar to yours. A good example is, if you are a local service business, an ideal Google Ads Expert would a person who has experience with local advertising.

What experience do they display?

Bearing with its size, Google Ads is a large platform with different campaigns to run campaigns such as Display, Search, Shopping, Remarketing App, Video, and Shopping. Therefore, you will get different advertising options from this platform. And it is hard for you to find such a platform with these many options. Therefore, you should check that your Google Ads Expert has the required experience in that campaign that you want to launch.

It is also rare to get a consultant with experience in all the campaign types. You will get an expert who has experience in Google Shopping feeds and little or no in Search Advertising in some scenarios. Checking their Google Ads Certification is one of the different ways you can use to determine the areas they have expertise in. The Certification says if they passed the Google Ads exams. You can also check on the people they worked with and on what campaigns in the past.

Online reviews from previous customers

If you are a Google Ads expert and actively collect customers’ reviews, you are likely to be serious about your work. You aim to ensure that you leave customers happy regardless of where you go, and further, you take customer satisfaction more seriously. You will see some Google Ads consultants use reviewing platforms such as Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, Feefo, among others. You can now check on how good they are if you look at these reviews by searching on Google.

How much do they charge?

When looking for a Google Ads Expert, price is one of the primary factors. Going cheap is might make you landing the wrong consultant and end up wasting a lot of money. Their rates should, however, be affordable and reasonable. Bur check them in the beginning always.

Check Portfolio

If a consultant has a website, you can check their past clients’ portfolios on the websites. You can further check if they have case studies from related industries. These portfolios help one in making decisions that are informed. Further, if you see a Google Expert taking his time to create some case studies and a portfolio, he is likely to be a Google Ads Expert.

Are they certified

One thing with Google Ads is that they offer a certification program – a part of its Partners program. You have to have managed at least $10000 in over 90 days and have passed two exams to be a certified Google Ads Expert.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Another factor you should consider as a client is whether you need to sign a contract. You will find AdWords consultants who require campaigns to remain under their management for a reasonable number of months. Building a successful AdWords campaign is a process that will take a couple of months before the campaigns become better and start driving results. Therefore, you should not be scared of coming across an Ad Expert who requires a 3 to 6 month minimum in commitment. Ensure that you’re ready to pay the agreed-upon ad budget and their management fee.

How well will I get reports?

This factor’s importance is to ensure that the expert you hire will always keep you in the loop through the advertising campaign lifetime. Most consultants provide reports every month. Some of the data points you would like to know to include the number of clicks, total ad spending, number of conversations, and click-through rate. You can ask your consultant total ad spend divided by conversions (cost per acquisition) for your campaign. This helps when you want to determine the ROI of your AdWords campaign.


Those are some of the factors you can consider when you want to hire a Google AdWords Consultant. Google AdWords is of paramount importance as it is the main online advertising channel of digital marketing and, therefore, should be handled with seriousness.  I hope the article is of great value to you.

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