Top 12 Mad Max Furry Road HD wallpapers.


In Mad Max Furry Road, years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads the despot’s five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy), a loner and former captive. Fortified in the massive, armored truck the War Rig, they try to outrun the ruthless warlord’s henchmen in a high-speed, deadly chase through the Wasteland.

This is the plot of the most entertaining full action movie of the year 2015 so far the Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and with all the action, we have come up with the most interesting collection of wallpapers of Mad Max which are officially released.

The HD Wallpapers of Mad Max Furry Road are better then Full HD. You can download these wallpapers on your desktop, PC or smartphone as well. You can download these wallpapers by simply clicking or tapping on the image below and download the HD version of it to your device. Here we go with the Top 12 Mad Max Furry Road HD Wallpapers. You can have more HD Wallpapers and 4K Wallpapers here while you can check for super duper 8K UHD wallpapers here.

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