Top Tiktok Marketing Trends You Should Try Out

The popularity of TikTok and its impact on society has made it an ideal option for marketers. Today, brands looking for more exposure now leverage TikTok to promote their products and services.

If you are a  new brand and stuck on how to build a robust social media community then it is high time you consider using TikTok. Aside from improving brand exposure, TikTok comes with great features that make it easy to not only grow your audience but also engage with the target market in real-time.

A  major element that sets  Tiktok ahead of the park is the ability to create and share videos on the go. This has greatly contributed to a surge in the number of brands using TikTok for marketing.

While TikTok is believed to be associated with the generation it has taken the internet space by storm. It is against this backdrop that many brands are now investing time and energy to join the bandwagon.


With close to  85% of businesses now using videos for marketing TikTok presents a great opportunity for brands to expand the reach of video content. Ranked among the fastest-growing social platforms in the world, there is no doubt that failure to jump on the trend makes you lose on a critical market segment.

If you are yet to get started with Tiktok marketing here are a few trends that you should integrate into your marketing strategy.

#1. Dance  Challenges

I am sure you have ever come across a dance challenge on TikTok at some point. In fact, dance challenges have greatly contributed to TikToks fame around the globe. Dance challenges not only foster engagement and a sense of community but also contribute to the popularity of a new album release.

Many users from different backgrounds easily join dancing challenges in a bid to outshine each other. In this regard, brands can grab this opportunity to promote their products and services. In the end, you can ride on the wave to improve the visibility of your brand and achieve your marketing objective.

The good news is that dance challenges attract a huge following. As such, you can leverage dance challenges to market your products and reach out to more customers. All you need is to spin the latest dance moves and showcase your brand to the audience.

 #2. Show Case Behind The Scenes

Another trick you can use to promote your brand on the TikTok app is showcasing what happens behind the scenes. This is an important trick that you can use to build customer confidence. When people see what happens behind the scenes, I give the brand a human touch which is critical in building trust with the target audience.

Similar to user-generated content, showcasing behind-the-scenes aspects of your brand gives customers a  deeper understanding of your brand. This approach not only makes it easy to connect with the target audience but also creates a sense of transparency for your business. If done correctly, people are likely to trust your brand hence higher chances of conversions.

#3. Subculture Content

Generally, Tiktok thrives on subcultures. This entails drawing passionate users around aesthetics, shared interests, and values. The trick provides an opportunity fo TikTok users to share creative content and passion and encourages self-esteem.

Brands can leverage these subcultures to connect with the audience and establish brand credibility. You can align your TikTok marketing strategy to connect with these subcultures and create a  powerful connection with a  specific target audience.

#4. How To Videos

How To videos grab the attention of viewers curious about how to solve certain problems. Most tutorials and how-to videos are usually easy to follow hence attracting more viewership. Topics in such videos range from cooking, fashion, finance, or any other topics.

Brands can leverage this approach to share information that viewers may not have. For example, you can demonstrate to viewers how to use a certain product produced by your company. The bottom line is that how-to videos are ideal for teaching viewers various aspects that they may not know about your brand.

Therefore brands can leverage TikTok videos to share videos and promote their products. The good news about this approach is that it indirectly promotes your brands without sounding like sales. With people blocking sales messages, this approach is a powerful trick that brands can use to generate conversions without having to use a huge budget for promotional activities.

#5. Green  Screen

Similar to film green screen technology, Tiktok’s green screen allows you to enhance entertainment,  overlay backgrounds, storytelling, and education. The Effects tab feature on Tiktok allows users to access an array of overlay options.

Brands can leverage Tiktok’s green screen feature to inject creativity into their Tiktok content. In fact, if you are planning to run a successful marketing strategy on Tiktok, you can leverage the Tiktok green screen feature to replace the background of your video with any image or video you may want.

Remember showcasing your creative side goes a long way in not only appealing to the target audience but also grabbing their attention. When you adopt the right features, you stand a chance to churn out creative videos that are able to stand out among others. That way, you increase the potential of generating a high number of views and impressions. This can easily result in more leads and sales.

#6. GiveAways

Giveaways are a common marketing tactic that most platforms are using. This applies to products that may not be generating reasonable income or are newly launched. You can leverage this metric to improve the visibility of your products and increase sales.

With giveaways, you give out a product for free as a promotional strategy. This is often a key marketing tactic that you can leverage to explain to potential customers the features of a product.

The good news about giveaways is that they are a shift from the usual marketing tactics. This makes it appealing since most users are likely to interrogate about the product further out of curiosity. In the process, even if they may not qualify to be given, they will have a rough idea about the existence of your brand.

However, it is important to note that to achieve the desired outcome from giveaways, you should strive to ensure the process is transparent. If not most people may express dissatisfaction about the outcome thereby sparking credibility questions. Should this happen then you may find it challenging to reverse negative perceptions about your brand.


 Trends are important marketing elements that you can tap into to promote your brand and generate conversions. With the evolving digital marketplace, jumping on trends ensures you remain relevant despite stiff competition from other players.

Remember there are thousands of brands competing for the same market segment. As such, adopting new tactics is critical in keeping track of high-converting TikTok marketing ideas. Similar to  Facebook and other social media platforms,  adopting the right marketing trend goes a long way in not only improving engagement but also brand visibility.

The more people are able to distinguish your brand from others offering similar services the easier you are likely to be noticed. In that regard, we encourage you to try out the trends outlined in this article so that you can get the best out of your TikTok marketing strategy.

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