Unwavering Soul Trello Link, Codes and Wiki.

Are you looking for all the details about the Unwavering Soul game? Then we are here with the Unwavering Soul Trello link. We will also provide you Unwavering Soul codes for free in-game rewards in addition to other details in this article to help you master the Unwavering Soul Roblox game.

Unwavering Soul Trello

Unwavering Soul Trello Link (Access official Trello)

Official Unwavering Soul Trello link to access the best Unwavering Soul wiki if you need all the details on this game.

Access the Unwavering Soul Discord

Go to the Unwavering Soul Official Discord link for more info and details regarding the Unwavering Soul game.

Unwavering Soul Trello and Wiki

There is an official Unwavering Soul Trello page to help players understand the basics and every aspect of the game.

Unwavering Soul’s Trello is a comprehensive resource providing an organized and visual guide for players of the Roblox game. The “Misc Info” section, it covers crucial game mechanics, including Backpack, Menu, Hotbar, VIP Gamepasses, Custom Slash Color, Doom Bringer, bosses, weapons, consumables, and more.

The subsequent sections delve into specific details on stats, locations, bosses, events, and items. The Trello is lauded for its quick creation, completeness, and official information reviewed by the YaoYN team, offering an extensive and up-to-date reference for players.

The official Discord channel complements Trello, serving as a real-time communication hub for players seeking additional information, assistance, or interaction with the YaoYN team and fellow players.

Unwavering Soul Trello Codes

Working Unwavering Soul Codes:

Unwavering Soul Codes provides rewards like Gold, Levels, Kromer, XP, and even special items like the Epic Set. Here are the Unwavering Soul Codes to redeem for Gold, Levels, Kromer, and other in-game freebies:

  1. 20M100k80K – A code to give you 200 lv, 200 tp, 200 Kromer
  2. ALOTXP – A code to give you XP
  3. hotstuff1000 – Gold, Level Up
  4. MEGAAAAA!!! – Kromer
  5. POWEROFNEO – Kromer
  6. wownewupdate? – 275k Gold
  7. IT2023EPIC!!! – XP, 1M Gold, 50 TP
  8. newsanswinterepic – Epic Set
  9. MEGAAAAA!!! – Kromer
  10. POWEROFNEO – Kromer
  11. wownewupdate? – 275k Gold
  12. newsanswinterepic – Epic Set
  13. 20M100k80K – 200 lv, 200 tp, and 200 Kromer (New)
  14. ALOTXP – Xp
  15. hotstuff1000 – Gold and a Level Up
  16. ly3t – 100 Levels, 1 million Gold, and 50 TP
  17. h1ll0w33n2022 – 100 Levels, 1 million Gold, and 50 TP
  18. AWESOMEUPDATELOL – 999 Levels and 10 million Gold
  19. 10M – 200+ Levels and 5 million Gold
  20. crazystuff – 300 Levels and 100 TP
  21. NEWGROUP! – 2k Kromer
  22. 30k – 30 Levels and 300 Kromer

Expired Unwavering Soul Codes:

These codes are expired and don’t work anymore:

  1. hmmyes
  2. ITS2023EPIC!!!
  3. RELEASE–for some Levels and Kromer

How To Get or Redeem Unwavering Soul Codes?

When trying to redeem Unwavering Soul Codes, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Launch Unwavering Soul on Roblox
  2. Click the Menu button (top-right)
  3. Click Settings
  4. Copy any Unwavering Soul code from the list
  5. Paste the copied code into the ‘Code here’ text box.
  6. Now click Redeem to claim your reward
  7. This works mostly like Voxlblade Trello rewards.

If you face any issues while loading the Roblox game, follow this guide to troubleshoot those errors.

Unwavering Soul Trello FAQs

What information is covered in the “Misc Info” section of Unwavering Soul’s Trello?

The “Misc Info” section includes general game mechanics like Backpack, Menu, VIP game passes, bosses, weapons, consumables, and more.

How is the Unwavering Soul Trello organized?

The Trello is organized into sections covering stats, locations, bosses, events, and items, providing a detailed and intuitive guide for players.

Unwavering Soul Trello

How do I change my Normal Slash color in Unwavering Soul?

Use the Slash Color Settings with a game pass to change the color of your Normal Slash, selecting from displayed colors or inputting RGB values.

What rewards can I get from Unwavering Soul codes?

Codes can provide rewards like Gold, Levels, Kromer, XP, and even special items like the Epic Set.

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