What is Energy Web Token? How to Buy EWT?

Currently, there are about 8,000 known cryptocurrencies. Their stories are no less varied than human destinies. Each project initially had its own goals, but most of them either have already ceased to exist or are approaching this moment.

Some of the projects continue to develop, occupy specific market niches, and, over time, can become a serious player in the cryptocurrency market. Among these coins, EWT is worth mentioning.

What is Energy Web Token

Energy Web Token (EWT) is launched by the Energy Web Foundation, a non-profit group. Among the goals of the group is the introduction of blockchain technology into the energy sector to create a low-carbon power supply system. The token is used for settlements on the Energy Web Chain, which is designed to meet the operational, regulatory and market needs of the energy industry.

Energy Web Chain is developing partnerships with energy network and utility operators, renewable energy companies, and corporate energy buyers.

Energy Web Tokens

Among the partners of Energy Web Chain are well-known and respected companies, in particular Volkswagen, Sonnen Group, Shell.

EWT token launched in mid-2019. It is used to ensure network security, to compensate and reward validators for participating in block verification. To date, only energy companies that meet the Energy Web Foundation standards are becoming validators in the network.

At the time of this writing, EWT is ranked 182 in the cryptocurrency rating. The market capitalization of the asset is estimated at $ 427,136,809, and the token price is slightly over $ 10. The all-time high was recorded in April 2021 at $ 22.67.

How to Buy Energy Web Token

If you decide to start your acquaintance with cryptocurrency with EWT, first of all you need to find a cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat currencies and EWT.

Then you need to register and, after all the accompanying procedures, replenish your account in any convenient way from those available on the exchange. Then buy Energy Web Token and select a wallet to withdraw and store coins.

Where to Buy EWT

Direct exchange of fiat currencies to EWT is available on KuCoin and Gate.io.

KuCoin supports over 40 fiat currencies and over 400 digital currencies. On Gate.io, the choice of fiat currencies is a little more modest, but more than 700 cryptocurrencies are included in the cryptocurrency list price.

It is much faster and easier to buy EWT using the services of the LetsExchange instant exchange. Custodian exchanges, upon registration, request an email, phone number and a scan of an identity document. The very procedure of registration and account verification can take quite a long time, on some sites – up to a week or more.

LetsExchange makes it possible to start trading without registration. The purchase algorithm comes down to several steps:

In the upper field, select a coin for sale and indicate the amount of the transaction;

  • In the lower field, select EWT for purchase;
  • Indicate the address of your crypto wallet;
  • Deposit coins;
  • Press the “Exchange” button.

Please note that our service does not support fiat currencies and does not provide wallet services. This means that you first need to get a crypto wallet and have some amount in any cryptocurrency.

The system will automatically search for services where an EWT purchase transaction is possible, compare the conditions and all the actions necessary to complete the transaction.

The service offers the opportunity to exchange EWT to BNB and another 60,000+ cryptocurrency pairs without exchange commissions and restrictions on the number and amount of swaps.

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