Which is the best smartphone with longer battery life 2014.

If you own a smartphone the most important thing that you should consider about your device is the time you can spend using it without putting it on charge, and the longer your device can stay with you the better it will be for you to use it more without having any tension of getting a backup charger or extra battery for your device.

And when it comes to smartphones they used to be considered as power hungry devices and you need to put them on charge twice in 24 hours if your are a heavy smartphone user. Today we will show you an info-graphic of the best smartphone with larger batteries or the best smartphone with batteries that lasts longer then usual and you can keep them with you and use them without getting worried about the second charge.

The list of devices in this test have been 60 and it contains all the devices that have been launched till late 2014, The list contains some well known devices like Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S series and the Note Series devices. But the competition have been won by the Sony’s Xperia Z3 which is used to be known as the best device of 2014 to have such a huge and long lasting battery inserted in it that can last up to 22 hours with a single charge no matter how much and tough your use is.

The battery test to determine the best battery timing of the given smartphones in the list was conducted by switching on some powerful features available in all smartphones. It involves switching on all the communication features like Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi and 3G or LTE data. It also includes the Full HD video running encoded with H.264 and looped to different lengths that have been set by the tester.

Here are the test results given in this detailed info-graphic below showing a list of 60 devices mostly released in 2014 to check which one is the best among-est them and consequently the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact our Expert Reviews Smartphone Battery Test award-winner for 2014.

Source: ExpertReviews


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