12 must-have features for a good dating app

If you enter the search term “dating app” into Google, you’ll get more than 1.5 million results — lists, selections, the official pages of services, links to the applications themselves in the Google Play or AppStore branded stores, and much more.

So how do you avoid getting lost in such a variety?

Some go the simplest way and use the most famous applications that everyone talks about — Tinder, Badoo, Bumble and others. Some pay a little more attention to the question of choice and try to look for more usable and original alternatives — Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn or Hinge. And some even make a list of mandatory criteria that a dating app must meet in order to get their attention.

Good Dating App

If you belong in that third category, the following information is for you. We’ve collected 12 main criteria that, in our opinion, testify to the quality of a dating application. We’re sure you’ll find a lot of useful information here!

So here are 12 features of a good dating app

Feature 1: Accurate gender filter

If your goal is to get acquainted with the opposite gender in order to start a relationship, a gender filter will be critical for you. For example, in Omegle video chat there’s no such filter. An alternative to Omegle called VideochatOmegle.com, on the contrary, makes it the main focus. The girls here must verify their identity, which means the system for selecting chat partners is never fooled about a user’s gender. But in general, you should understand that an accurate gender filter in online dating is more of an exception than the rule. They often don’t work perfectly.

Feature 2: Geographic filter

Location search is a quite common feature in online dating. It usually works accurately and helps you find interesting people nearby. Just keep in mind that geographic and language filters are very different things, and focusing solely on the second is definitely not worth it. Because, for example, English is spoken in Great Britain, and in the USA, and in Australia and New Zealand. It’s not very nice to find out that the person you fall in love with turns out to be on the other half of the globe. Therefore, be sure to use a geographic filter instead.

Feature 3: Comprehensive profiles with the ability to view them

The more detailed the user profiles on online dating sites, the better. If you have the opportunity to learn enough about a person before the first conversation, this is an important plus. The information on the page will help you save a lot of time and immediately eliminate people who are completely unsuitable for your goals.

With that, it’s important not to forget to pay attention to your profile. After all, other users also want to know more about you before meeting directly. Spend more time on this activity and be honest about yourself.

Feature 4: Integration with social networks

This is not mandatory, but quite a convenient feature. For example, integration with social networks allows you to register on a dating site in one click. Most modern dating apps and alternatives to the Omegle site provide this opportunity: videochatomegle.com, ome.tv, chatspin.com and others.

In some cases, integration with social networks further simplifies the process of filling out a profile by “pulling up” information from the selected social network — photo, age, place of residence, and the like. This saves a lot of time and helps you start using the application to the full much faster.

Feature 5: Support contact form

There are still dating sites and applications where it is either impossible to contact support at all, or any requests are simply ignored. We don’t recommend using such services, because if necessary, you’ll have nowhere to get help or complain about a scammer or a problem user.

Feature 6: Built-in translator

A handy feature that is indispensable for those who want to communicate with foreign language speakers, but do not know the language. Built-in message translator is already available on Ome.tv and VideochatOmegle.com, and is highly recommended!

Of course, you can also use third-party translation services, but this takes extra time and forces you to constantly switch between applications.

Feature 7: Video calls

Today, almost all dating apps have a video calling feature, whether it’s Tinder, Badoo, or less popular alternatives. Also, do not forget about Omegle and Omegle alternatives, where all communication is essentially based on video communication. If for some reason you have not yet met via video, it’s time to fix this.

Feature 8: Adding to friends

The ability to add a person to your friends list so that you can communicate again in the future is very convenient. It is very useful if you are interested not just in conversations with like-minded people, but in really promising acquaintances wit

h the possibility of starting a romantic relationship or strong friendship.

Feature 9: Blocking selected accounts

A simple but extremely useful feature, thanks to which you can once and for all prevent communication with some users. One click, and the system will never connect you again in any way. Today everyone assumes such functionality exists, but we still recommend checking if it is possible to ban a person in the application you use.

Feature 10: Two-factor authentication

To protect user data, two-factor authentication by phone number (or other method) is one of the most effective solutions. The fact is that hacking a regular user account is not such a difficult task for knowledgeable people. But in the presence of two-factor authorization, everything becomes very complicated.

Now many dating services are just starting to implement additional authorization options and increase the level of security for user data in general. But we can already see positive movement in this direction, which is encouraging.

We recommend that you pay attention first of all to dating apps and sites where two-factor authentication has already been implemented and is fully operational. Don’t miss out on this feature. It’s about your confidentiality and data security. It is better to let the login process be a little slower, but know for sure that intruders will not gain access to your information.

Feature 11: Account verification

Verification is primarily the protection of the dating service from fakes and bots. Unfortunately, many modern dating sites have serious problems with this. For the average user, this can greatly spoil the impression. Therefore, account verification is extremely important today. A good example of the benefits of verification is VideochatOmegle.com, where there are practically no fakes and bots.

Feature 12: Search by interests, hobbies, and so on.

It is obvious that searching for interesting people, relying only on appearance, is a discredited idea. Therefore we advise you to choose sites that offer a search by interests. This is not difficult, because such an opportunity is now almost everywhere. Even in the very simple Omegle video chat, a search option is available. You simply enter a list of your interests and topics for conversation in a special field, and the system tries to find the most suitable person for you. Everything is quite simple yet very effective.

Is there really a perfect dating app?

The best dating app is the one you’re using right now and the one that’s right for you. Because there are no universal criteria for the quality of dating services. Some people quite like the Omegle video chat thanks to its minimalism. Some can’t imagine dating without a built-in translator. And for some, the main indicator of quality is a large and active audience, like on Tinder.

The features and criteria for choosing dating apps listed above are just a basic guide, and by no means an instruction manual. Use what you like best. Even if someone claims that this or that service should not suit you. We believe that app users themselves should decide when and how to use them, and we’re sure you will agree with this!

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