API Key – a Unique Token of the Distance Matrix API

As we know, our planet is in constant motion, and its population is also constantly moving. This means that every minute people face all sorts of transport tasks that they have to solve. History knows many ways to solve such problems, and with the development of the Internet space, software products (SP) have appeared that have taken on this function. The distance matrix api (DM API) just refers to such SP.

Using DM API today becomes almost routine. This means that the DM API, like any SP that has become widely used by users, has fallen into a zone where the risk of unauthorized and sometimes fraudulent interference with its operation increases. We offer a distance matrix api key to prevent such interference, as well as to systematize and statistically analyze user activity on our service.

Benefits of the distance matrix api

So, we are a generation that is constantly moving, and the word “route” has become a familiar word for us, because the route, in essence, is nothing more than a way by which we can get from some known initial locality A to the planned finish locality Z. What transportation problem should we solve in this case? Everything is very simple. We must pass or drive this route not only as quickly and cheaply as possible, but also taking into account the real traffic situation that will accompany our movement. And this is especially true for business-planned routes. Any industry that includes manufacturing deliveries or any delivery platforms needs fast and cost-effective routes.

In all such cases, DM API is the ideal assistant. Its main function is to handle user requests for routes and return information about the most preferred routes. When processing information about planned routes, the service takes into account the current road environment. Rush hour, traffic congestion, blocked highways, peculiarities of traffic types, etc. – all this is included in the informational response of the DM API. And it does not matter whether the route is considered between two localities or routes are requested taking into account several start and finish positions.

Even the classic “Traveling Salesman Problem” is empirically solved by the service. And, of course, the indisputable advantage of DM API is the fact that simple and reliable routes will be offered to you regardless of where in the world your business is carried out. The method of movement/displacement is also taken into account in the calculations. Biking and walking, traveling by car or public transport – for any of these methods, a simple, high-quality and reliable route will be created.

api key

The tasks of the api key

Above, we have already focused on the fact that SP of our service must be under reliable protection. Such protection is ensured by the presence of each user of his personal code, which experts call the “API key” (AK). The AK is provided to the user on the corresponding page immediately after he has created his account on the service. In practice, the AK is a string consisting of a unique set of letters and numbers. It will not be superfluous to repeat information about the purpose of the AK. First of all, it is the protection of SP from their unauthorized use. In addition, with the help of the AK, all user requests are systematized for further billing for payment. Well, of course, the AK helps the user to control their ability to create certain projects on the service and, as a result, optimize the planning of their activities when they use the DM API.

Using the api key

The practical use of the AK is that each user must include it in any request for the DM API. This is one of the required attributes of the request, and without the presence of the AK or its incorrect indication, the request will be considered incorrect and the service response status will be indicated as “INVALID_REQUEST”.

With regard to secrecy when we use AK, two options are possible. Either the user is ready to share the AK with other users of the software so that they can get some information about him from the API, or the user will ensure that his AK is completely closed. The service strongly recommends that you implement a mandatory limitation of the AK before using it.

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