How to Create Memorable Motion Design?

Motion Design or motion graphics are graphic elements in motion.  Once, when static graphics had already ceased to amaze it, they began to revive, this is how Design was born, which today has turned into a whole world of different directions. Videos, graphic animated screensavers are used in online games, media, advertising, cinema, television, education and etc., so motion design is developing rapidly and its relevance is growing every year.

In this article, we will look at who a designer is, what he should be able to do, where to start learning this profession and the main directions for development in motion design agency.

 So what is motion design?

Many of you have seen animated videos with moving pictures or letters on the Internet or on TV.  Such videos are usually used in advertising screensavers.  All this movement on the screen is called motion design.

Motion Design

In other words, it is about bringing graphics to life with animation.  A static image enters the world of motion design as soon as it starts moving.

You can see a good example of how motion works below.  First look at the image in a stationary state, then press the play button and everything will become clear to you. Due to the high market demand for motion graphics, your passion for motion videos can grow into a well-paid profession.

Who is a motion designer

A designer is a magician and wizard who brings static objects to life, turning them into something fun.

This design has already taken over the 2D and 3D worlds, so there are those who are engaged in the animation of two-dimensional graphics, there are those who are engaged in three-dimensional and there are, of course, generalists.  In any case, a good specialist should understand not only animation but also, first of all, graphic design, as well as composition, typography, color theory, color psychology and even programming (don’t be scared, we learn everything gradually, building up skills).

 Where is motion design applied?

Here are some examples of areas where motion design is heavily applied:

  • Advertising;
  • video clips;
  • infographics;
  • Web sites;

Some might say that design is difficult and expensive.  That is subject only to super specialists with extensive experience, but I dare to assure you all this is nothing more than a myth.

Plus, you’re depriving your team, product, and ultimately your users of the benefits of a deeper dimension.  Movement in design doesn’t just look cool, it directly affects the user experience in the following ways:

  • User Delight: it can turn a standard experience into a memorable interaction.
  • User Education: it can provide context and information without requiring actions such as additional clicks.

  • User Focus: Movement can grab attention and highlight an important piece of data or a key interface element.

What directions of motion design are there

Motion design is multifaceted, which is its appeal.  There will always be room for development and growth.  But in general, 2 main directions can be distinguished.

  1. 2D animation

2D is the animation of flat objects.  It’s better to start a career in design with 2D animation because it is easier to master.

  1. 3D animation

3D is an animation of three-dimensional realistic graphics.  Please note that 3D programs are demanding on computer resources.

Where to get audio for motion design

You can’t just take and use any song in your video.  This is a violation of the artist’s copyright, which is punishable by law.  In addition, some resources, such as YouTube or Instagram, remove videos with licensed tracks.  Of course, you can buy a ready-made track or order its creation, but this is usually expensive.

Explore this wonderful world, watch good works and create new wonderful animations!

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