Apple Mac and iOS Developers programs price rises in Europe


Apple has increased in European countries the price of the annual fee to be paid by developers to publish and maintain applications in the App Store and Mac App Store for 79-99 euros . In the UK the increase was from 60 to 79 pounds while in the US the price of development programs has remained at the same $ 99 annual usual. This adjustment could be due to the current state of the dollar , stronger than ever against our currency, and not differ too much from the rise experienced without warning last month by the Russian Apple Store because of the fluctuation of the ruble. Fingers crossed that things stay here and not see further increases in other services or apple products during 2015.

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Today begins to be applied in the application stores the company legislative change in the European Union that Spain translates into increased from 15% to 21% VAT on the price of the apps. So far we have not noticed its effect in the store so it’s possible that Apple is calculating the new tax keeping the final price and deducting the difference of the margin they perceive themselves and developers, but it would not surprise me to see these last start adjust prices significantly over the next week.

This new law, which applies the tax on electronic goods and services in the country of the buyer, not the seller as usual, also affects the aforementioned Developer Programs and could have contributed to its “fit”. The price of iCloud storage is another concept in the spotlight but so far there have been no changes.

Via |  9to5mac