How To Increase Your Accuracy When Betting On Horse Races

All horse racing bettors dream of having that one massive win that ensures that they are set for life. However, these types of returns are likely few and far between, and a better long-term strategy has been wagering with what you can afford to lose. 

Chasing big returns often leads to inaccurate selections, as bettors are more concerned with the odds than the runner that they are betting on. However, what strategies can be implemented to ensure that bettors can make more accurate wagers on horse racing action? 

Betting on Horse Races


The key word that all horse racing fans will be aware of is research. This is an important factor in horse racing, as it ensures that you can make the best possible bet. This involves studying the latest runs by each runner involved in a race and assessing the speed figures that each contender has achieved throughout their career. 

Meanwhile, bettors should also examine the course and distance form of the runners involved. Research needs to be done for any race that a potential bettor is looking to wager on, as it ensures more insightful bets can be made. 

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Field Sizes

Each race is different, and therefore the runners that will be lining up is going to differ. Bettors should be aware that larger fields often see that there is better value for each runner involved. In big fields, you will likely see the favorite at around 2/1, which is a much better price than getting a short odds-on shot in a small field. 

However, bettors must weigh up the pros and cons for each selection, as there will be an added risk when wagering on a horse in a big field. But, this could ensure that there is more value in utilizing one of the other horse racing markets available, such as place and show betting.

Study Pedigree

As part of the research, bettors should also look at the pedigree of each of the runners involved. This could help pinpoint a potential value play in the market. For example, a runner whose sire excelled over 1 1/8 miles should be looked at more closely, as a step up to this distance could suit him perfectly. 

Understanding the importance of a horse’s pedigree is essential for all potential bettors, especially those that wager on Classic races, such as the Kentucky Derby and Epsom Derby. 

Find Value

Value is the name of the game when it comes to horse racing, which means that there are few sports with greater emphasis on the odds available. After conducting your research and nailing down the selection that you wish to make, all bettors should shop around and find the best odds available. 

This will save heartache in the future of finding out that you could have got greater returns at a different sportsbook. This is an accurate way to ensure long-term success, as the returns that you win by placing wagers with a certain sportsbook that offer the best prices could be the difference between winning at least an extra $100 per month. 

Follow Horses

The old saying ‘one for the notebook’ isn’t just a flashy term in horse racing, as many successful bettors typically keep notes of the horses that they like, and why a certain performance was so eye-catching. 

Keeping tabs on horses is an accurate way of finding value, as you will be able to see perfect races for the selections that you have opted to follow. For example, if a horse finishes strongly over a distance of a mile, it may be worth siding with them when they finally tackle a longer distance. 

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