Best-of-the-Breed Android Apps Spotted This Week


It’s time for the Android Apps Development lovers to get ready for the weekly round up as the Google play Store is again brimming with some latest Android apps. This week is coming with some great apps to have some fun with. From utility to money management, from custom keyboards to life saver apps, these best-of-the-breed Android apps will give you every reason to take a deep dig inside them.

There is the list of the breed of the best Android apps spotted this week.

1. Goggle Slides

Google Slides is the official app for Google Powerpoint presentation software. The app allows you to create, edit and collaborate presentations from the palm of your hands anytime, anywhere. With a variety of presentation themes and fonts, it creates room for creativity to get blended into your ideas. With the app, you can also invite your colleagues to work together at the same presentation.

2. Osper

Osper is an interesting app designed as a “money management system” for the people who are under 18 years of age. The kernel of this app is its Osper card, a prepaid debit card for the young people. The app comes complete with separate logins for both children and parents. The primary motive of this app is to empower young people with effective skills to manage their money while giving peace of mind to the parents who can see their growing children as financially responsible.

3. Udacity- Learning Programming

Udacity is a unbeatableAndroid Apps Development for those who are interested in advancing their skills and career in the field of software development by learning languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, Python and a lot more. Udacity courses are provided by highly qualified experts from Facebook, Google, Cloundera, and MongoDB in the comfort of your home. The app provides features such short quizzes and problem solving assessment to give the learners better knowledge about the subject.


4. Yahoo Avaite Launcher

Available in Beta version for a while, but now acquired by Yahoo, the Aviate launcher makes your Smartphone smarter by allowing you to logically organize all your favorite apps, and helping you to connect with your homescreen effortlessly. The best thing is that the app claims to “learn” from your habits and automatically updates itself based on your needs. Its homescreen has two rows for all your favorite apps which you use frequently. And show you the relevant apps which you access ten times a day.

5. Nudge

If you have started realizing that you put on a few extra kilos and have begun your fight to lose weight, then Nudge is just the thing you need. It’s a latest health tracking app in the Google play store that helps you to achieve your fitness goals. You can connect Nudge with your various fitness apps like Runkeeper, Moves, Fitbit etc., and make your fitness sessions even better.

Regardless of the aspects and fitness you are most interested in, Nudge provides its users a facility to determine their health score by giving them a firm track of their hydration, nutrition, workout and sleeping schedules.  You can also connect with your friends and create a single health score and feedback system which determines how healthy you are living.

6. Panic Button

Panic Button is a versatile app that’s set the example of how an app can turn out to be a life saver. With crime rates shooting up, the Panic Button app is designed for those situations when you need someone to help you. Released by Amnesty International, the app is designed mainly for activists and journalists who suddenly can find themselves under dangerous situations and need to inform friends and colleagues immediately. The app sends location updates to the chosen contacts, you can also hide your tabs at once by just clicking on a button.

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7. AlertsPro

AertsPro app on Google play store will keep you on the top of bad weather conditions coming your way. This innovative app from MetaGroup warns you of severe weather conditions such as storms, heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail, heavy snowfall etc. It comes complete with a very clear, color system that informs you 48 hours in advance of any impending weather condition. Green indicates “No Warning”, yellow signifies a portal event to come, Orange, Red and Purple indicates that definitely some bad weather conditions will occur.

8. Simon Sage Wave Wave

You can Hire Android Programmers for productive and customized app such as Wave Wave is a one touch runner game. Players need to guide a line through a challenging arcade pattern like hurdles. Players can tap and hold the screen in order to climb, and then release them to climb. Constant flicker and wrapping effects poses enough challenges to the players and I am sure you won’t find its 8-bit soundtrack soothing to your nerves.

9. Phil Nickinson – The Android L Developer Preview Keyboard

This easy to instal app will instantly enhance the look of your keyboard. The app is definitely a smart choice for those who want to give their phone a look of Nexus 5 or 7. Make sure to read the instructions in the app description.

Wrapping Up

These are my picks of the best Android apps that are making their way to the Google Play Store this week. So, which one (s) are you going with?

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