10 Best free Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions online.

Welcome to the rabbit hole of synthetic media, where deep fakes are the elusive Cheshire cats. The dawning of this era beckons innovation, and lo! Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions emerge as modern-day digital detectives.

Armed with cutting-edge technology, these savvy sleuths are primed to chase down the deepfake phantoms in the intricate labyrinth of the digital world.

Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions

Unmasking Deepfakes

Step into the cryptic realm of deepfakes, where images and videos do camouflage, masquerading as something they are not. It’s a digital masquerade ball! But fear not, noble netizens, for Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions are here to lift the veils.

Demystifying Deepfake Detection Technology

At the core of deepfake detection lies a battalion of algorithms, neural networks, and data analytics. These digital bloodhounds sniff out inconsistencies in images and videos. They analyze facial movements, scrutinize pixels, and even delve into the subtleties of speech patterns. It’s like digital forensics on steroids.

Deep learning networks, particularly, play a pivotal role. They’re akin to the wise old sages, deeply versed in the arts of deepfakes, trained through countless hours of exposure to synthetic media.

The Role of Apps and Extensions in Deepfake Detection

As the cloaked marauders of deepfakes continue their waltz, Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions take center stage. They’re the vigilantes, accessible and ready at your fingertips. Apps cater to on-the-go detection, and scrutinizing media on your mobile devices. Browser extensions, on the other hand, stand guard over the content you consume online. They’re like the trusty watchmen, patrolling the alleyways of your browser.

Together, these apps and extensions wage a tireless war, wielding the sword of technology to unveil the face behind the mask. Such as the new pranking apps like Nudifier apk, which makes anyone go clothless using AI technology.

Deepfake Detection Apps

Android & iOS Mobile Apps for Deepfake Detection

Here are the Top 10 Android apps that help you detect Deepfake images and videos available online.

  • Sensity

Sensity, which dawned as Deeptrace, is an esteemed bastion in the world of deepfake detection. It employs cutting-edge AI technology to meticulously dissect videos and detect any nuanced traces of manipulation.

Key Features: Real-time video analysis, AI-powered detection algorithms, robust reporting.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.

  • Deepware Scanner

Acting as your steadfast guardian, Deepware Scanner harnesses the prowess of artificial neural networks to meticulously assess the veracity of videos. You can download it here.

Key Features: Neural network analysis, user-friendly interface, high accuracy rate. It can detect fake memes generated or someone’s naked images generated with AI using apps like this one here.

Pricing: Free.

  • DFDC – Deepfake Detector

Navigating the murky waters of digital media, DFDC employs potent machine learning algorithms to thoroughly inspect videos for signs of deepfakes. Download it here.

Key Features: Machine learning-driven detection, user-friendly, multiple file format support.

Pricing: Free.

  • Truepic

Truepic operates akin to a digital bloodhound, zealously sniffing out and debunking forged images and videos by analyzing their pixels and metadata. You can officially download their Vision Camera app on your devices.

Key Features: Pixel and metadata analysis, tampering detection, robust reporting.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.

  • DeepFake Detector Face Exposer

Adept and razor-focused, this app scrutinizes facial features in videos to reveal the subtle, yet revealing, hallmarks of deepfakes.

Key Features: Facial analysis, real-time detection, easy sharing options.

Pricing: Free.

  • FakerFact – Deepfake Detection

With AI as its linchpin, FakerFact delves into the crevices of content to excavate insights on the authenticity of videos.

Key Features: AI-driven content analysis, insight generation, easy to use.

Pricing: Free.

  • InVID Verification App

A seasoned crusader against fake news, InVID pulls double duty as a deepfake detector by surgically dissecting videos to authenticate their legitimacy.

Key Features: Video dissection, fake news detection, metadata analysis.

Pricing: Free.

  • Forensically

Emulating the sharp acumen of Sherlock Holmes, Forensically delves into the image metadata and wields an arsenal of filters to unmask adulterated content.

Key Features: Metadata analysis, error level analysis, clone detection.

Pricing: Free.

  • Tungstène

Tungstène, with algorithmic finesse, is primed to debunk digitally manipulated images, extending its expertise to unmasking deepfakes.

Key Features: High-resolution analysis, algorithmic detection, customizable settings.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.

  • Amber

Amber is akin to a sentry, ever watchful, not just for deepfake detection but also for certifying the bona fides of digital content.

Key Features: Content certification, deepfake detection, blockchain integration.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.

 Google Chrome Extensions for Deepfake Detection

Here are some of the best free Google Chrome Extensions that you can use to detect any Deepfake picture or video you find online.

  • Reality Defender

Reality Defender, gallantly poised, ensures the integrity of the online content that graces your screen. Its AI-powered detection technology is akin to a finely honed blade, slicing through deceit.

Key Features: AI-powered detection, real-time analysis, and extensive database referencing.

Pricing: Free.

  • Surfsafe

A stalwart sentinel, Surfsafe ceaselessly scans images on the web and juxtaposes them with extensive databases to unveil deepfakes lurking in the shadows.

Key Features: Image scanning, cross-referencing databases, AI-enhanced detection.

Pricing: Free.

  • InVID Verification Plugin

Akin to an astute AI detective, InVID’s Chrome extension employs meticulous analysis of videos and images to reveal signs of manipulation.

Key Features: Video and image analysis, manipulation detection, user-friendly interface.

Pricing: Free.

  • Fakespot

More than a mere sentinel against fake reviews, Fakespot is armed with the prowess to discern the authenticity of a broad spectrum of online content, including insidious deepfake videos.

Key Features: Fake review detection, content authenticity analysis, robust reporting.

Pricing: Free.

  • RevEye Reverse Image Search

RevEye delves into the uncharted depths of the web to excavate the origins of images and videos, aiding in tracing the provenance of content.

Key Features: Reverse image search, source tracking, cross-platform support.

Pricing: Free.

  • Trust & Safety

Spry and resourceful, Trust & Safety leverages machine learning to meticulously scrutinize images and videos for traces of tampering.

Key Features: Machine learning-based analysis, image and video scrutiny, easy to use.

Pricing: Free.

  • Deepware Analyser Browser Extension

The intrepid browser alter ego of Deepware Scanner, this extension stands vigilant against the specter of deepfakes in online videos.

Key Features: Online video analysis, AI-powered detection, quick scanning.

Pricing: Free.

  • Media Review Verification Tool

Conceived in the BBC’s crucible, this extension employs state-of-the-art technology to critically analyze and verify the authenticity of multimedia content.

Key Features: Multimedia analysis, authenticity verification, real-time insights.

Pricing: Free.

  • Verifeye

Verifeye, your trusty digital sidekick, examines metadata and visual elements with an eagle’s eye to ascertain the veracity of online content.

Key Features: Metadata analysis, visual elements scrutiny, easy to use.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.

  • Respeecher’s Deepfake Detector

Empowered by Respeecher’s formidable AI algorithms, this extension scours voices in videos to discern between the genuine and the synthetic.

Key Features: Voice analysis, AI-powered algorithms, real-time detection.

Pricing: Contact the sales team for pricing information.


In conclusion, Deepfake Detection Apps and Extensions are indispensable harbingers of truth in our increasingly synthetic digital milieu. As malevolent deepfakes proliferate, these tools are the vanguard that fortifies public discernment.

Let us march, with relentless resolve, towards an informed and impervious digital world, safeguarded by the sentinels of deepfake detection.

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