Download Nude Photo Editor Apk for Android 2023. [Remove Clothes make it Nude]

Removing clothes from anyone’s photo is quite possible now in 2023 with this Nude Photo Editor Apk for Android. The app uses AI to make photo Nude by removing the clothes. Just like the famous Deepnude app that made headlines, this new AI Nude Photo maker app is quite fun to try.

Download and install the Naked Photo Editor Apps apk for your Android smartphones. This is a whole new fun app that lets you undress your friends’ photos and make fun of them. No matter where their photo is taken, With the help of an ai Nude photo editor you can make them nacked in real time.

This app has been already a hit but has also been removed from the Play Store listings. Because Google considers it a bit harmful to people to have fun with this app. We are here with the Naked Photo Editor app to let you enjoy the fun with it.

Nude Photo Editor

Nude Photo Editor Apk 2023 File Info:

App Name Nude Photo Editor App
File Size 86.5 MB
Latest Version 1.2.0
Operating System Android 5.0 and Above
Developer Nacked Fun (Nude Photo Editing)
Updated On 20 May 2023

Nude photo editor apk for Android

Nude Photo Maker for Android features:

Undress and Make fun of your friends with our Nacked Photo Editor Apk just like the famous Cute Photo Editor free Online tool by using this app in your phones.
Make your friends, family or yourself NAKED!
This Nacked photo editor will give you a small laugh in your boring life.

The AI Nude body maker or the Nude photo app is always in demand. Therefore more and more developers try to make their apps perfect so that people can get the best app as some make money by selling nudes on their social media.

This app works totally differently as compared to some famous Photo Naked Software that is available for Windows loaded PC. The Nude Photo Maker app relies mostly on the pre-built filters that are added to this app, just like the famous Nudifier app which is more of a fake nude app.

Making it more of a Snapchat or Instagram-filtered image and later you can prank them as if this is a real photo of them in an inappropriate situation.

How Naked Photo Editor Works:

The Naked Photo Editor is a tool for making bawdy jokes. It simulates a scanner that can show the body underclothes and display what the underwear of the victim looks like! The user interface is quite simple and resembles the Samsung Photo Editor tool that comes in the new One UI 5.0-supported devices.

Make a photo of your friend and combine it with a half-naked transparent image of a sexy body. You can choose one from 20 different bodies and add it to the photo.

There are sexy bodies of hot girls, but you will also find here the fat belly of an ugly guy. You will always find a perfect body that will fit your photo!

Just like the Body Photo Editor, This app also uses AI to directly analyze and then remove the selected part of the clothes from the body. Read this Reddit discussion to know how all these AI apps work better as compared to the famous Canva Photo Editor tools which work better than any photo body editor online tool.

Naked Photo Editor App
Nude Photo Editor App

How to undress people and use a nudity scanner?

  1. Choose a body picture that you want to add,
  2. Place it over a photo from the gallery or shoot a new one,
  3. Rotate the hot body or move it to fit the image.

Disclaimer about AI Nude Photo Maker App:

Note this body scanner camera app is a prank and made for entertainment purposes only. It doesn’t generate results in real. It’s more of any photo see-through clothes filter working as a Body image filtring app.

However, the body camera scanner app is just a prank you can use and enjoy by using the body scanner app.

Frequently, people use many prank apps but this Deepnude-obsessed prank app is the newest one to amaze you in real.

The body camera scanner app is dominant in prank apps with its natural and special modules. The Ai Body Camera Scanner app is just for fun however its algorithm did not work originally body scanner just edited the picture and showed the specified result.

Moreover, the AI-driven content-aware tools ensure that edits are harmoniously integrated into the existing image, maintaining a natural appearance.

It is the best body scanner app with its natural and incredible looks. Get a deep dive into the Play Store and find some of the cool Ai naked photo editing Android apps here.

AI Nude Photo Editor Key Features:

  • Save the body scanner picture directly to the gallery.
  • The result photos made by this Nude Photo Editing app are closer to reality.
  • Can add pictures from any source
  • Gives the funniest results
  • The Nude Making app is free to use.
  • It also comes with a Background remover tool to remove any background from an artistic nude image.
  • Added additional Fake Nude Filters to make it real.
  • Works better as compared to any X-Ray camera body scanner app.
  • Can better enhance photos made from Nudifier Apk app.
  • This can be regarded as the best body photo editor for Android for free.

Nude Making App video review:

Here is a video review of the best nude photo maker app, making a new fake nude generator within seconds without using any Photoshop.

Nude Photo Maker app for Free Money:

With this Naked Photos editor app, You can make easy money selling nudes online. Although there are many Nude Camera apk apps available online this filter-loaded app is still the best one available for Android devices.

The Nude Editor apps are mostly not available on the Play Store due to the strict Google policies. But you can still download apps like Nudifier, NudePhoto, etc from other third-party stores.

Also, Download:

The modded version of this Free Photo Editor App features:

  • Free HeadShot Photo Editor option to edit any face on a photo.
  • With the Blurred Border Photo Editor feature you can get any old photo edited and enhanced.
  • The new Makeup Photo Editor Online feature allows users to change a person’s makeup.
  • With this Photo Editor, you can change people’s hair color.
  • Free Bulk Photo Editor Options enabled.
  • Helps fix Glitch Photo Editor issues.

Updated November 2023 Features Bring Nude Edit tools to the app:

The new update of the Naked Photo Editor comes with lots of Nude Edit tools that let you enhance nude photography editing using the new Cropping, White Balancing, Basic Color Adjustment, Color Correction, and gradients in the app.

Moreover, the app is loaded with new Presets and plugins to fix skin flaws and enhance natural skin colors to make the final photos look more natural as compared to the previous version’s results. This app makes this app the best Nude Pic Maker app for Android and iOS devices.

Download and Install Ai Nude Photo Editor APK (The best Cloth Remover App for all devices):

  • Step 1: Download the latest AI Nude Photo Maker Apk by following this guide.
  • Step 2: Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.
  • Step 3: Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin the installation.
  • Step 4: Proceed with the installation and finish it.
  • Step 5: All Done. Here is the certified link to the latest apk app from APK Mirror.

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