Top Tips for Playing Penny Slots

Penny slots appeal to many people because of the sheer fact they’re cheap to play. All you need is a few cents in your account and you can spin the reels of your favorite machine. With $1, you can play at least 10 spins on a good penny slot.

Now, the problem lies in winning consistently at slot machines. In Las Vegas, penny slots have lower payout rates than costlier games. So, how do you tilt the odds of winning in your favor?

Play at Online Casinos

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online gambling sites have relatively similar payout rates for all slots. The keyword is relatively: slots aren’t created equal. They all have unique payout rates.

All the same, you’re assured of better payout rates when you play online slots. Picture this. The best-paying online slot—Mega Joker—costs 10 cents to play. You can adjust your wager upwards to a maximum of $1. And you can also bet on all five paylines.

Penny Slots

The bottom line is that Mega Joker, despite its 99% Return to Player (RTP), is cheap to play. For clarity, there are numerous slots like Mega Joker. They have payout rates of above 95% and yet cost less than a dollar to play.

Check out this website for more information on the best slot sites online. It also provides a guide on the best penny slots to play. Of course, there are a lot more slots besides penny games. But for a start, play the recommended games.

Learn about Slot Volatility/Variance

As we’ve stated, all slots are unique. Some games have high payout percentages. But they’re highly volatile, which reduces your chances of winning. Some games have moderate RTP rates. But they’re averagely volatile, giving you a fair chance of winning.

The good thing: Many slots have known volatility. All you need is to do a little bit of research. This is what you’ll most likely learn:

  • Low Variance

Low volatility slots trigger winning symbols often. However, they payout in small amounts. Mega Joker is a great example. The NetEnt classic-themed slot payout small amounts of 20 to 200 coins.

  • Medium Variance

Most video slots fall into this category. They have top-tier RTP percentages. They have decent maximum payout amounts. However, they have moderate periods of losses and moderate periods of winning.

In other words, these games create a balance between the number of times you win and lose. Examples include Gonzo’s Quest, Guns N’ Roses, Book of Dead and Wolf Gold.

  • High Variance

If you’re tolerant to risk as long as the potential payout is great, try high-variance games. These games might have high RTP percentages, say 96% or 97%. But they’re programmed to payout huge amounts scarcely.

Progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune belong to this category. This is also true for Megaways slots like Bonanza and White Rabbit. They have long winless streaks. But if you’re lucky to win, you walk away with a decent amount.

 Look for Feature-Rich Slots

Modern video slots come jam-packed with features. They have scatter symbols that award you free spins during bonus rounds. They have wilds that turn all other icons into winning symbols. And they have multipliers, avalanche reels and jackpots.

Feature-rich slots are more exciting to play. They’re more interactive and potentially more profitable. Let’s breakdown the reasons. Scatter symbols award you free spins, say five, 10 or 30 spins.

Without free spins, you need to spend real money to play a game. With spins, you get an opportunity to increase your profits risk-free. On the flip side, wilds add thrills to a game by increasing your odds of winning.

Avalanche reels and multipliers magnify your profits. Avalanche, also known as cascading reels, replace all winning symbols in a reel with more winning symbols. By comparison, multipliers increase your profits by a specific amount.

Bet Big

Sure, your budget might be small. But maximize it to improve your profits. Slot machines are games of pure chance. As such, you don’t tilt the odds in your favor by playing small amounts. If anything, this strategy increases your losses.

Take a look at this example. You want to spend $20 on a slot that costs $0.20 per spin. You can play 100 spins with your budget. Assuming you hit 10 wins and each win pays out 10x, you will win a total of $20. That’s alright.

But picture this. You play 50 spins and with a budget of $0.40 per spin. If you’re lucky to hit 10 spins that pay $10x, you will walk away with $40. Of course, there are no guarantees in slots. But being games of chance, betting big is the best way to maximize your profits.

Play Slots with Great Reviews

Avid gamers don’t purchase a game without checking reviews. They know a game might have a marvelous trailer, an intriguing story line and great graphics. Still, it might be terrible. So, they read reviews to determine whether to play the game or not.

Slot machines are the same. They might look beautiful with colorful graphics. The payout rates can be appealing. But you become certain a game only after you play it. The only other scenario is when you learn about the game from someone you trust.

On the Internet, it’s not always easy to find people you can trust. However, you can rely on professional review websites. Or you can trust the opinions of hundreds of forum members who say they love or hate a game.

Play Demo Modes Before Real Money

Like video games, many slot machines have a free version. Play this demo mode to get first-hand experience about a game. Learn about its mechanics, its betting limits, wilds, scatters, jackpots and variance.

Playing the demo version saves you money. Yet, it provides a great opportunity to find great games. This is particularly important for slots from less-famous software providers. Not many people are eager to try out new slots from small developers.

With a demo version, you can play any new slots for the fun of it. And if you spot a thrilling game, then you can play it for real cash.

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