Download Rise of Darkness v 1.2.85282 Mod Apk with God mode and Dumb Enemies enabled.

If you are a role playing game lover then you should try Rise of Drakness, the concept of this game in not different from any other role playing games, you have to save the world from the underworld demons who have taken over the world. You are the only hope left in the world, to restore peace and order lies in a blood crystal that seals ancient Fiends’ power. In order to beat every demon and sent them back to underworld you have to Enhance your skills with Runes to unleash powerful skill combos. The main theme of this game is that you have to Take over the blood crystal, unseal the power within, and dominate demons, for justice or for evil. To upgrade your character and weapons you need to earn gold and crystals. In order to get unlimited gold and crystals download the Rise of Darkness v1.2.35546 Mod Apk from the following links.

Main Features:

●Fiend transformation
Transform into Fiends, deal massive damages and save your life
●Demon Wing
Upgrade your Wings for a dazzling appearance and strengthened power
●Skills and Runes
Enhance your skills with Runes to unleash powerful skill combos
●Trial Mode
Challenge yourself and collect mountains of loot
●Inferno Mode
Battle both players and monsters, capture dungeons and get rewards for your dominance
●Demonic Tower
Defeat bosses and minions, obtain rare items, and beat your friends to the highest level
Fight 1on1, climb up the leaderboard and receive top rewards
●Multiplayer Dungeons
Team up with your friends and share the luxurious rewards
●Guild System
Join in a guild for dungeon crawl and boss fights. Eliminate enemies in guild wars with those who share your love and hate
●Title System
Unlock achievements and earn glory titles

What’s New:

1.Modified attribute and skill of Sanctuary Assassin (adjust assassins’ attack, and reduce CD of second set of skills);
2.Prevented repeat purchases of fashion at the Shop;
3.Added reward reminder for Guild Inferno Leaderboard;
4.Added reminder on Guild icon;

5.Added new classes of Demon Wing – Class 16 and Class 17, and related titles and quests.

Rise of Darkness Mod Apk Hack And Features :

  • Dumb Enemies (They won’t attack you)
    MOD 1 (GOD + 1 HIT):
    /- GOD Mode (Take no Damage)
    /- Dumb Enemies (They won’t attack you)
    /- Massive Damage (1 Hit everything)

MOD 2 (GOD + DMG*15):
/- GOD Mode (Take no Damage)
/- Dumb Enemies (They won’t attack you)
/- Base Damage Multiplied by 15

MOD 3 (GOD Only):
/- GOD Mode (Take no Damage)

Download and Install Rise of Darkness v1.2.35546 Mod Apk:

Step 1: First of all you have to Download Rise of Darkness v1.2.35546 Mod Apk from the link below.

Step 2: Now on your Android device, go to settings > security > allow unknown sources.

Step 3: Now locate the downloaded APK file on your phone and tap it to begin installation.

Step 4: Proceed with the installation and finish it.

Step 5: All Done.

Download Rise of Darkness v1.2.35546 Mod Apk : Mod 1 | Mod 2 | Mod 3

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