FaceApp is down and showing Errors all over.

If you are trying to get an Old Photo of yourself and end up seeing errors on FaceApp. This is just because the FaceApp is Down. It seems like the servers are loaded up and isn’t responding to millions of requests being generated each second from all across the world.

The app is already topping all charts and even the NEWS too. One Muslim Scholar has claimed that the face app is haram and ordered his followers to get rid of the app from their devices. Others have issued some Privacy warnings regarding Russian Spy networks monitoring users photos.

FaceApp is Down

Why FaceApp is Down :

This Russian app which has been here for long operates just like the Prisma app. Instead of installing the required filters on your Phones, The FaceApp uploads your Photos to their Cloud Networks. Where the photos are modified or the required Filters are added on it. Later that photo is again sent to your device.

So in applying an Old age filter. Your Phone does upload the Photo to the FaceApp servers. The filter is applied and later your phone has to download that overly image again. So this is a 3 steps process which takes a lot of bandwidth. Especially the filtered photos are much heavier in size.

Now consider this being done millions of times every second from all across the globe. The app or the Cloud network has to crash and that’s what we all are seeing. So Faceapp not working and showing Errors.

How to Fix FaceApp Down Error :

There is still no fix. But you can try this guide given below to get rid of some of the common errors users are facing using this FaceApp.

Besides this, you can also get the latest FaceApp v3.8 Apk app for your Android devices. The developers at FaceApp Inc are hoping that the servers are going to be alive soon.

List of Countries where FaceApp is down:

These are countries where the FaceApp App is totally or partially blocked by the developers. So if you are from any of the below-mentioned countries. You must go for a VPN to access the app.

  • South Africa
  • India
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Serbia
  • Pakistan
  • Slovakia
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Romania
  • United States (partially blocked)
  • Iran
  • Nigeria
  • Malaysia
  • Brazil
  • Kenya
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Lebanon

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