Instagram growth: Getting insane following on Instagram.

Do you know Kylie Jenner is paid 1 million $ for one post on Instagram? Similarly, many other celebrities are paid insane amounts, just like Kylie for just posting on Instagram. They are paid so much because of their massive following on Instagram.

Moreover, you must have noticed that there are many brands present on Instagram, and they have millions of followers. So Weather you want to be a social media celebrity or just a small business looking for more customers, Instagram is where you can grow.

If you aren’t living under a rock, you must already know about Instagram, but in case you missed it and haven’t heard about Instagram yet, then this next paragraph is for you.

Instagram Growth Tricks

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform launched in 2010, and since then, it has shown insane growth and has never looked back. Now, this social media giant stands at second number with 1 billion active users after Facebook, which has 2.45 billion active users.

You must be wondering if Facebook has more users, then we should try to grow there. Indeed you are right; it makes sense Facebook is a great platform, but as per many research conducted, Instagram has 58% more engagement than Facebook.

This means if you were to post about a new product on Instagram and Facebook both, then you will get more responses from your following over Instagram. So if you have a significant following on Instagram, you will get more engagement on your content, and gradually you can convert them into your customers.

Having a presence over Instagram can be very beneficial for you. So without any delay, Now let’s get into how you can grow on Instagram.

As a brand or influencer, you want more and more people to follow you because if they follow you, they will get your new content update. By consistently posting value content, you can win their trust and convert them into paying customers. Getting followers on Instagram can be very hectic work when your account is just created.

People follow only those who seem legitimate. If you have only 10-20 followers, then it’s unlikely that you will get followers. So let’s find out some easy ways to get lots of followers. There are many strategies like you can Buy Instagram followers, like for like and follow for follow technique, etc. However, we will discuss the strategies that work best.

Buy Instagram followers:

If you made a new account on Instagram, then growing followers from zero can be very hard. The Instagram algorithm always promotes the post, which gets more engagement ( like, share, comments, and saves). If you don’t already have a following, then getting this engagement can be very troublesome. Big pages have millions of followers. As a result, when they post, their post gets instant engagement, and as a result, the Instagram algorithm treats it as quality content and shows that post to more and more users by listing it on the explore page. As a result, the Instagram account again lots of new followers.

So the easiest way to gain Instagram followers is to buy them from a credible site like Zeru.

When you buy Instagram followers from a good site, then you immediately start gaining a new follower. Beware of Fraud sites who only give you bots as followers. Bots are of no use as they aren’t real audiences and can’t provide any value to your Instagram account. Zeru provides real and quality followers. If you buy genuine and quality followers, they will engage with your content and make your account look credible. This will also help you rank higher on the explore page, due to which you will start gaining new organic followers.

Further, there is no need to worry about your account getting ban. This Strategy is Instagram algorithm friendly.

Instagram Followers Growth

Nowadays, lots of big brands out there buy Instagram followers as it’s a safe and affordable option. Gaining followers organically costs a lot of time, so many brands prefer to buy instead. Followers provided by good sites are real and engaging, which in turn helps brands to perform well. If you get quality followers, it might drastically increase your Sales


  1. You don’t need to wait a lot. You get your followers instantaneously.
  2. You get real followers.
  3. Help your account rank higher on Explore as engagement is increased.


  1. Finding a good site to buy followers can be problematic. Zeru is an excellent site you should use it.

Follow for Follow:

Follow for Follow is also an excellent strategy for gaining followers, but it is not very convenient. This strategy requires lots of time and consistent efforts. Now let us know what we need to do in this strategy.

Step 1: Find Big Accounts similar to yours.

Step 2: Follow these big accounts.

Step 3: Whenever these big accounts post, you just need to click a little bit below the like button, and you will get a list of people who have liked the post.

Step 4: Follow the accounts from the list. But remember to follow only active accounts. By active account, we mean accounts that post regularly.

Basically, in this method, you are following accounts that like the content of accounts similar to yours, expecting that they will follow you back. This strategy sometimes works but not that effective as most of the people don’t give a follow back. If you were to use this strategy consistently, you would slowly get more followers, but many times, when you perform this Strategy, Instagram bans you for days and sometimes even for the week.


  1. Not a very complicated strategy.
  2. you don’t need to pay anything

Cons :

  1. Can result in your account getting ban for some time.
  2. Most of the time, you don’t get follow backs.

Paid Promotion by Influencers:

This is a prevalent strategy to gain followers. In this strategy, you reach out to prominent influencers and ask them to advertise or recommend your account to their followers, for which they take some money. This strategy is nice as you can get active followers, but there is no guarantee that you will always get followers. Many times you will get very few followers.

They don’t have any refund policy in case you don’t get followers. This is not a one-time strategy; you will need to reach out to many influencers if you want to gain some serious following. This strategy is good and doesn’t harm your account in any way. You don’t have to worry about getting banned, but you need to require a reasonable budget for this strategy to work.


1.. You get active and engaging followers.

2.. No damage to your account ( Like Bans)


1.. No Refund if you don’t get followers.

These were some of the most popular strategies out there, which most influencers use to grow their accounts and get the insane following. By using these strategies, you can rank on the explore page and get a lot of exposure.

All these strategies are good, but the best one is ” Buy Instagram Followers. ” It requires a low budget and provides real+active followers. Also, there is no risk of any fraud, like in the Paid promotion strategy. Some fraudsters on Instagram take the money and do not promote your post while in the ” Buy Instagram followers” strategy, your money is safe if they are unable to provide followers they refund your money.

Further, getting followers will help, but to grow exponentially on Instagram, you need to post quality content and stay consistent with your post.

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