Five Fun Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone.


It seems as though everyone has a smartphone, and it’s becoming more difficult to be without it. From checking sports scores to logging into social networking sites, there’s always something we can do with our amazing devices. New advancements make our iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices even more useful.

1- Explore Your Surroundings : New applications for your smartphone allow you to participate in a great pastime called Geo-tagging. These Geo-tagging apps show you fun and exciting things to do in your neighborhood, or they can take you on guided tours of new places. They utilize your phone’s GPS to let you interact with the sites as you visit them, and other users can leave hints and tips about the attractions on your list. Such apps can be found for all platforms, like Android, iOS and Windows Phone etc. It includes apps like Foursquare, Surround etc. Now bigger Social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter also add unique Geo-tagging features in their networks.

2- Start Your Car and Open Your Garage Door : Never be a slave to unexpected weather again. If you’re shopping during the summer months, you can remotely start your scorching vehicle using special apps that come with many alarm systems. You can start it on cold winter mornings to warm it up before you begin your commute. Some Wi-Fi connected garage door openers will open automatically when you and your phone get in range, providing you with safe and secure entry. There are such apps mostly found on iOS platform while some apps can be found on Android smartphones as well.



3- Use it as a Remote Control : Many home theater systems and computers have increased functionality when paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but your smartphone can already do that. Innovative applications allow you to use your phone as a keyboard, mouse, or television remote control, often with greater functionality than the stock setup. You can control your DVR systems as well, meaning you’ll never miss your favorite programs again. Recently both Samsung and HTC have introduced the built in apps in their current flagship devices. While Apple has many 3rd party apps which makes the iPhone or iPad as Remote Control.

4- Reduce Clutter in Your Wallet : If your wallet is stuffed full of loyalty cards and gift cards from various establishments, you can significantly reduce the amount of bulk by entering all your information into time-and-space saving apps. They can record all of your frequent shopper information and gift card balances, so you only have to remember your smartphone. Apps like e-bay, PayPal are well known examples, with their presence on both Android and iOS platforms.



5- Keep Your Home or Business Safe : Another cool thing you can control with your smartphone is your home or business security system, according to a  home security company in Phoenix. Most companies, like Vivint home security systems and monitoring, offer Android and iPhone applications that allow you to control and monitor your security system no matter where you are. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you can use your phone to set or disarm your alarm, and you can check the status of your door and window sensors. Using your cellphone to keep an eye on your house or business gives you unparalleled peace of mind. There are more such apps for Android and iOS platforms as well.

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