How to Set Up and Use a New Pod Vaping System.

There is no moment more exciting in the life of a smoker than the moment at which that person receives and opens his or her first vape kit. If you’ve never smoked yourself, you couldn’t possibly understand the joy of knowing that, finally, quitting is actually a realistic possibility for you. That’s how life-changing vaping has been for smokers throughout the world – and if you happen to be a smoker about to receive your first vape kit, that’s the experience you can look forward to having very soon.

Before you can fulfill the promise of that excitement, though, you’ve got to learn how to use your device – and that’s where this quick-start guide is going to help. Your first vaping device will almost definitely be a refillable pod-based vaping system, and pod-based vaping devices are so similar to one another that we can cover virtually every use case in a single article.

By reading this guide, you can learn virtually everything that there is to know about your new pod system before the device even arrives at your door – and if you haven’t ordered your first vaping device yet, it’s time to click over to Vape Juice and grab one. Let’s begin!

Vape Pod System

How to Choose a Pod Vaping System

You probably noticed above that we used the word “refillable” when describing the type of vaping device that you were most likely to buy. We made that distinction because there are actually two types of pod-based vaping devices: pre-filled devices and refillable devices. A pre-filled pod system uses disposable pods that you buy in packs. Each pod has the e-liquid already added to it, and you use the pod until it is empty. When the pod is empty, you throw it away. That’s great for convenience, but once you’ve used a pre-filled system for a while, you’ll notice two glaring faults:

  • In every region, the flavor selection of a pre-filled pod system is extremely limited. That’s particularly true in the United States, where the only two flavors allowed for pre-filled vaping devices are tobacco and menthol. There are hundreds of bottled e-liquid flavors in the world, and a refillable vaping device can use any of those flavors. Whether a particular pre-filled vaping device offers two flavors or a dozen, it’s still going to be extremely limited compared to a refillable device.
  • A pack of pre-filled vape pods costs as much as a few packs of cigarettes and lasts just a few days. A bottle of e-liquid, on the other hand, costs about the same as a pack of pre-filled pods and may last weeks. Refillable vaping devices are much, much cheaper to use than pre-filled devices.

How to Buy the Right Vape Juice for Your Pod Vaping System

Using a refillable vaping device means that you’ll need to buy e-liquid for that device. The device will not include the e-liquid, so make sure you add at least one bottle to your cart before checking out.

The most popular type of vape juice for pod-based vaping devices is called nicotine salt e-liquid, and it’s popular because it comes in very high nicotine strengths and can therefore provide nicotine to the body about as effectively as a tobacco cigarette. Unless you are an extremely infrequent smoker, you should buy nicotine salt e-liquid for your pod system to make your vaping experience as satisfying as it can be.

Most companies that make nicotine salt vape juice offer their e-liquid in two strengths. Unless you smoke very infrequently or use cigarettes that are very low in nicotine, you should start with the higher strength, which is usually 40-50 mg/ml. That’s the strength at which you’ll get about the same amount of nicotine that you would get from smoking a cigarette. Once you’ve completed your transition from smoking to vaping, you can reduce the nicotine strength of your e-liquid if you want.

How to Charge a Pod Vaping System

All pod vaping systems charge via USB, and the design of your device will determine whether you’ll charge it with a standard USB cable or a proprietary dock. Using a charging dock is convenient because the device attaches to the dock magnetically. Just drop the device into the dock, and it begins charging immediately. The downside of charging docks, though, is that they’re proprietary. It’s a good idea to grab a spare charging dock, so you’ll have something to use if the dock included with your device ever stops working. Having proprietary charging equipment means that if the equipment stops working, the device becomes useless.

To charge your pod system, connect the charging dock or cable to one of your computer’s USB ports. Connect your device to charge the battery. When the indicator light on the battery changes color or turns off, the device is charged.

How to Fill a Pod Vaping System

To fill most pod vaping systems, you’ll need to begin by pulling the pod out of the device. When you do that, you’ll see a silicone cap – usually red – that keeps the pod’s filling hole closed. Lift the cap with your fingernail and add e-liquid to the pod through the filling hole. Stop filling when the pod is almost full. Replace the silicone cover, put the pod back into the device and wait at least five minutes before continuing. It’s important to wait because that’ll ensure that the pod’s wick is completely wet and that you won’t experience a “dry hit” when you start vaping.

How to Use a Pod Vaping System

Finally, you’re ready to start vaping. Most pod vaping systems have airflow sensors and will work automatically when you puff. To vape, just puff on the device’s mouthpiece. If your device has a manual fire button, press the button five times to turn the device on. Then, hold the button to vape.

One of the greatest things about pod vaping systems is that they’re extremely easy to use. When you use the device, you only have to worry about two things: the pod and the battery. Since the pod is clear, you can always see how much e-liquid is left. When the e-liquid is almost gone, it’s time to add more. If the device’s indicator light blinks when you try to vape, it’s time to charge the battery.

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