Gear VR 2015 edition for the Galaxy S6 will be released next month.


Samsung publicized in March that soon they will released the latest Gear VR Innovator Edition headset which will be well-suited with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. At that Moment Company had not disclosed about the releasing date of new headset. On April 10 Samsung’s latest flagship knock the market and it’s the right time to release the Samsung latest headset, luckily the activity is now started.

Gear VR Innovator edition will hit the markets all over united states from 26th or 27th of April. The gadget will be made available on Best Buy online stores. Soon after it will be made available on the Samsung online store as well on the 2nd week of may, while the standard Gear VR will be made available in local markets on 15th of May. There are no reports about the fixed prices of the gadget yet released by Samsung, but there are reports that the standard Gear VR will cost around $199 whie the Gear VR Innovator may cost a bit more.


Customers can hope to taste a great virtual reality given that the headset will utilize the Galaxy S6’s astounding Quad HD Super AMOLED display with 577 pixels per inch. The size of latest headset has been decreased, comes up with some remodeled straps and has improved the airflow with a built-in fan. All these advancement make the Gear VR easier to treat.

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