Google Play Store web site got the whole new UI and live now.

Google Play Store, Google store update, Google Play store update

Google Play store for mobile got a major update early in May 2013 while the same overlay has been deployed on the Google Play store website as well. The current Google Play store was first announced back in May but the developers couldn’t made it live at that time.

The best thing about the new design is that it has been made a full reactive site keeping all sized screens in mind. It can adjust itself accordingly to the screen size of the user approaching the site. The home page has been made even more simple with lesser apps on the front page unless the user hit the view more button to jump into the sea of Apps.

A new navigation bar has been placed on the top left of the screen to help you easily navigate through different stores that include Apps, Movies & TV, Books, Devices , Music and latest Magazines editions. But that depends on your location because many Google services aren’t available in many countries world wide. To jump from one category to another a white bar with an arrow can be hovered over to see the additional options available.

The Google+ commenting has been integrated in to the next level in the current app store with making the users to see who is commenting by just hovering over the mouse on their names will pop up their Google+ profile just like yo see in Facebook. This also shows the thumbs up and down options you can also embed anywhere you want.

The new Google Play Store UI is over all great looking with its clean and smooth design and Google’s trademark cards UI is always awesome as we first see it in Google Now. It’s incredibly good looking to say the least. The users will love to browse around the store for sure.

Link : Google Play Store

Google Play Store, Google store update, Google Play store update