How to fix Lag issues during game play on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Though Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been one of the most powerful smartphone with powerful specs that  could have been found in any modern day high-end smartphone, but with all those claims the Galaxy Note 5 have been found loaded with lag issues and glitches. Ever since the new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update hits the device the, complains have been on the rise as well of the poor performance of the device. Many users regard this as the poor overlaid Touch Wiz user interface while others point out the recent Lollipop update which they believe that developers at Samsung couldn’t inject it properly. This guide here will help you to get rid of Lag issue on Galaxy Notes 5

The main issue that most of the Galaxy Note 5 users complain about is the delay in response specially when it comes to access the list of on board apps that have been mostly used by the smartphone owners for communications. Among them is the Dialer and messenger apps that can be easily regarded as the most important apps of a Phone. Other then this the Texting Lag and sometimes the Home Button delay have also been seen in some cases.

We will try to solve those issue as well but first lets talk about the Game-play lag or extremely low and broken frame-rates that have been experienced by most of the users when they play high end graphical games on their Galaxy Note 5 phones. The list contains top chart Android games played on most of the Android devices across the board. Among them is the GTA San Anreas, Fifa 16, Need For Speed No Limits, Real Race 3 etc. No doubt these games have been awesomely modified for Android platform and other high-end Android devices show better game-play results than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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Here we will let you know how to overcome these issues and share some handy apps that can fix these problems in your device.

How to fix Game Play Lag in Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

The main reason of game play Lag has been found due to the memory consumption of different apps running in background. These include some useless system apps as well which can not be force stop with the stock multi-tasking features loaded in the device. To get rid of those memory consuming apps you can add some powerful 3rd party task killers to free some RAM. Beside this you will need more powerful tools to increase the frame rate or at least make the game run smoothly. I personally recommend  these two apps to get most out of your Galaxy Note 5 device.

1- RAM Booster Pro Version 1.8:

This task manager app is available for free and also some extra features loaded in the Pro version but I will go for the RAM Booster Pro version to get the full powers of this app. You can Download RAM Booster Pro from Google Play Store. To get most of it follow these steps.

  1. Try to download the pro version
  2. Open RAM Booster Pro and go to settings menu.
  3. Set the boost level to Aggressive to free more RAM at the time of need
  4. Go to overlay Widget settings and make sure to check overlay widget option.
  5. You can easily customize the size, position and transparency of the widget as you like it to show.
  6. Whenever you want to free some RAM just click on the widget icon and the powerful app will swipe some useful RAM for your much needed operations.
  7. The overlay widget will appear on all apps and games and you can access it while playing the game as well.

Following above instructions and suggestions you will experience a much more faster game-play than before and your app or Game will not freeze for some time. But for further smoother game-play you will need following app as well.

2- Seeder 2.0 ( for Rooted Devices):

Seeder 2.0 is also quite a powerful app which will make you feel the real butter touch experience which was originally claimed by the Android developers while announcing the Jelly Bean 4.1 update. But you might not had that experience since you updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.1. This app Seeder 2.0 is also available on Google Play store for $1.91 and also will work properly on rooted devices. To know how to get best out of this app you must follow these steps.

1.Open Seeder and click on the ON button.
2.If it asks for Super User permission press grant.
3.Make sure to check all three options.
4.Select Aggressive from the drop down menu for the RNG service performance.

After having these two powerful apps at your back now run any game and you will feel a clear difference in the game play, the games will get more smoother and you will feel your Galaxy S3 is utilizing its RAM and processor better than ever before. In the game you will feel better frame rate than before.

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