Get 100% Working Megaman X Dive Offline Cheat Engine

If you are playing the Megaman X Dive game you might find out some of the players are using the Megaman X Dive Offline Cheat Engine, enabling them to gain some infinite HP even for Online matches.

If you want those cheats to work on your device, then you are at the right place to grab some of the best Mega Man X Dive cheats to let you shop for Free items, Increase your characters and Weapons ranks, One Hit Kill, and even infinite Jump tricks.

Megaman X Dive Offline Cheat Engine

The main features of the Megaman X Dive Offline Cheat Engine for Free Shopping, Infinite HP, Infinite Jump, One Hit Kill, and More:

Mega Man X DiVE offline reimagined the world of the Mega Man X series, and now it’s getting an offline version!
Experience the exciting side-scrolling action we’ve all come to know and love in a whole new light!

Enter Deep Log, a digital world where the game data of the Mega Man X series has been archived. Due to a bug of unknown origins, the game data within Deep Log has become fragmented. With the help of a mysterious navigator, RiCO, the player dives into this digital world to set things straight.
Take control of Hunter Programs, recreations of legendary characters such as X and Zero, defeat various forms of Irregular Data, and restore the fractured game data!

All the Megaman X Dive Offline Cheats that can power your gameplay:

With the new Cheat Engine, you can unlock all the following features in the Mega Man X Dive game.

  • One Hit Kill
  • Instant Charge Shot (for First Armor X, Omega, etc)
  • Pause Stage Timer (for easier mission completion)
  • Pause Jakob Elevator Timer
  • Make All Characters Rank 5
  • FREE Shop Items (makes all shop items cost 0 Zenny/Gems/Coupons)
  • Infinite HP
  • Infinite Air Dash (hold the dash button to fly indefinitely)
  • Infinite Jump
  • Infinite Dive Trigger
  • No Skill Cooldown + Infinite Ammo + Rapid Fire
  • Make All Weapons Rank 5
  • Max Level Weapons
  • Max Level Cards + 5 Star Rank
  • Max Level Chips + 5 Star Rank + Max Analyze
  • Movement Speed Modifier
  • Repository Quantity Modifier
  • Infinite Dash/Airdash Duration

More cheats are added in the new Game v6 of the Megaman x Dive offline trainer which is updated for November 2023.

Making All Characters and Weapons Rank 5:

With the new all-in-one Cheat Engine, you can easily boost all characters in the game to the top Rank 5, while in the meantime you can easily max out all weapons available in the game.
All you have to do is to Enable the script in the main menu, then visit the character tab, be sure to scroll all the way down (this is so the script can edit all entries) then escape back to the main menu and disable the script. Once you enter the character tab again, all characters should be Rank 5. Scripts 11 to 15 all follow the same process.

Repository Quantity Modifier:

This script allows you to change the quantity of ALL items in the repository. Simply enable the script in the main menu, and then you’ll see a new entry in the cheat engine called “Quantity”. Whatever value you change Quantity to, you’ll have that many items in your repository. Keep in mind this will affect ALL items in the repository, chips, materials, everything.

Infinite Dash/AirDash Duration:

Many Classic MMX Games come with the cheat.¬†Basically, dash and just keep holding down dash to ‘keep dashing’ on the ground or in the air, effectively flying w/o having to spam dash over and over, this lets you maintain a consistent height.

All Characters Boosted to Rank 5:

Mega Max X Dive All Chracters Rank 5

All characters including Black Zero, Ferham, Cinnamon, First Armor X, Iris, Proto Man, and other high-profile characters in the game are boosted to Rank 5, which is the 5-star maximum level in the game. All these characters can be unlocked on the Android version of the game.

How to use Megaman X Dive Offline Cheat Engine?

Follow this step-by-step guide to easily download and install the Cheat Engine on your device.

  • First of all, Download and Install the Cheat Engine from the official source.
  • Download this Gamev6.Ct File.
  • Once Done, Double click the *.CT File and open it.
  • Now click on the PC icon in the cheat engine to open it.
  • Once it’s done, select the game process.
  • You can keep the above-mentioned list of cheats and activate the trainer by checking the boxes.
  • The default value of the boxes is always “0”, you can turn it on by setting it to “1”.
  • That’s it

MegaMan X Dive Offline Video Review:

More about the Mega Man X Dive New Features:

Classic Mega Man Action

Jump, dash, fire your buster, and swing your saber. All the actions you’d expect from the Mega Man X series are here!
In addition, this game features 360-degree aiming and an auto-lock function!
You can also scale and position the touchscreen controls to match your own unique playstyle.

MegaMan X Dive Offline Cheats Max Weapons

Featuring over 100 Characters from the Mega Man Series

Acquire your favorite characters from across the Mega Man universe to add to your collection, and level them up to make them stronger!
With a mix of brand-new original characters and new designs for fan favorites, there are plenty out there to discover!

An All-New Original Story with Hundreds of Stages to Enjoy

Immerse yourself in a new Mega Man tale that can only be experienced in Mega Man X DiVE. Blast and cut your way through hundreds of stages spanning multiple difficulty levels!

-Make Your Characters Stronger with Weapons, Chips, and Cards

Characters can equip all types of weapons to become stronger.
Upgrade a weapon’s rank to increase its power and unlock new skills.
Cards featuring classic illustrations also provide boosts, making them fun items to collect as you craft your perfect Hunter Program!

Stay tuned for more updated Megaman X Dive Cheat Engine with a new table of cheats to come next month in our Hacks & Crack category.

[Extra] Megaman X Dive Cheat Codes for maximum results:

Here are some of the Megaman X Dive Cheat Codes that you can insert in during the game and enjoy some extra Rewards. These Cheat codes are effectice and are available for all regions.

Codes Rewards Regional Availablity 
WELCCODE715 200 Character Patches + Elemental Metal Supply Box All
DANTEANDVERGIL 400 Weapons Patches + Elemental Metal Supply Box All
DEADWEIGHTSON 10 Permanent Capsule Vouchers All
CHILDSUPPORT Backup Lucky Capsule All
VERGILZTRIGGER1 Backup Lucky Capsule All
SUB4FUN758 Basic Backup Lucky Crate All
TY4WATCHING1443 200 Elemental Metal All
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