How to Hard/ Factory Reset Your Xbox One


Xbox is the best gaming console daily thousands of people turn on their Xbox to play games, watch movies using Netfilix and also listing songs using Xbox Music. Well Xbox is all in one package and to get it we’ve to pay an handsome amount. While playing games on Xbox or streaming videos sometimes an app freezes or a feature stops working the best solution at this time is a reset. In the following guide i’ll tell you how to Hard/ Factory Reset Your Xbox One.

How to Hard/ Factory Reset Your Xbox One:


Step#1: First turn on your Xbox One.

Step#2: Now Open My Games and Apps.

Step#3: Use your joystick on your Xbox One controller to select Apps.

Step#4: Scroll down and select Settings app.

Step#5: Now Scroll over on the right and select System.

Step#6: Select Restore factory defaults.

Step#7: Select Restore factory defaults from the pop-up.

All Done !!!…

Hard Reset Xbox One:


In order to hard reset Xbox one, hold your finger over the glowing Xbox logo on the front of your console. Also you can hard reset Xbox One by going to Power & Start Up menu in the Settings app and select Restart Now.

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