How To Stop Google From Tracking You On The Web.


Now a days internet usage is very common. There are a lot many things that we perform on internet. The most important of all is the data that we would never like to share with others. Visiting different websites on internet and browsing that we perform is mostly accessible to our internet service providers (ISP). Due to the same issue, we feel insecure as data is accessible to others.

We always need to find out the way to over come this problem of insecurity. There is a procedure through which we can stop Google from tracking you on the web.  Google always keep monitoring the web browsing of its users and same is automatically saved in activity logs. Following is a procedural steps to stop Google from tracking you on the web.

This is the most important issue since the involvement of many federal spy agencies and the willingness of authorities to share the personal data of all the users who are using all the Google Services. This can lead to leakage of most personal stuff with other trading companies as well. There are two ways to get this down by Disabling tracking or by Disabling the History of the Google features that are injected in the Google Chrome and other services issued by Google.

Disable tracking:

One of the for most important step is to disable tracking. Once you receive an advertisement pop up you click and follow that link. Google automatically tracks you. Please adopt the following steps.

Step 1: Log into the advertisement settings on Google page.

Step 2: Two columns are displayed. Select Option-out in both columns. The data at the top of the column should be replaced by N/A.

Step 3: Follow Advertising cookie option-out page then select download cookie Option-out.

Following web browsers should be installed on your PC i.e Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Disable history:

Step 1: First of all please Sign in account history.

Step 2: Select the four pause tiles.

Step 3: Go to Manage history page, select all items then clear all the data recorded.

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