How to UnRoot Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


For all the new Android users who are not aware of the term what rooting is, then this article will surely provide you with complete details and knowledge. Rooting is basically allowing the users of smartphone running android operating system to get the advantage to control android subsystem. It overcomes the limitations put on the devices. It’s more like a jailbreak in Apple’s iOS. The unrooting is opposite or reverses of rooting in which you move back to original stock. This process of unrooting give back warranty which was void due to rooting.

If you currently own rooted Samsung Galaxy S6 and for whatever reasons you no longer need it then you can unroot Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to restore it to stock condition. Normally for Samsung devices CF Auto root is the only root solution available. Doing unrooting is very easy given below are some instruction to know about unrooting procedure for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The Guide below will help you to UnRoot Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

SuperSU installs automatically on your device after rooting it. Its purpose is to manage the root access for other apps installed on your smartphone. Few days ago xda developer Chainfire has made CF Auto root files for Samsung galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It has added all the options in superSU to perform the task when you make up your mind for rooting the Galaxy S6.

How to Unroot Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge:

Step 1: Hold Samsung Galaxy S6 and open the superSU app.

Step 2: Double slide it from right to left to reach the settings option.

Step 3: Move down to locate the full unroot option under the section clean up. Click on it.

Step 4:  A pop up message “Continue” will be displayed on the screen. Tap on it. The app will to remove the root from your Samsung Galaxy S6 and reboot it.


Step 5: The user can also manually reboot it if the device fails to reboot automatically after the unroot process is done.

Step 6: You are successfully done with unrooting the Samsung Galaxy S6. The user does not need to worry about flashing stock recovery for the devices like HTC, Sony, and Motorola etc.

Custom recovery like TWRP and CWM installed are not removed from the above processes. If you want to remove recovery all you need to do is to flash the stock recovery of Samsung. To do so, the simple way to remove TWRP/CWM recovery is flashing the CF Auto Root. It will re-flash all Samsung things and remove root to Repeat the above process by unrooting through superSU settings again. It will remove everything from Galaxy S6 device.

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