HTC on the verge of announcing first Facebook Smartphone.

You might have heard many rumors about the Facebook phone for 2-3 years now, but this time it seems that the most mythical character “Facebook Smartphone” is going to become a reality.

The world’s most popular social network is eager to be a smartphone maker but the most common guess is that they couldn’t manage to get a Partner who is ready with all the required team and infrastructure.

Facebook phone, Facebook smartphone

Now things have change suddenly and Facebook surprised all  of us by sending official invites, asking all media members to ” Come see our new Home on Android”, the tag line used for the press conference taking place on 4th of April. But such press invites took place regularly as last time Facebook announced the Graph Search and the New Feed redesign. But this time we have the reports that Facebook has been working with HTC on a specific Advertising campaign and the news has been further approved by the most spying blog 9to5Google. So this proves that this time Facebook is ready to show it’s abilities to be in the Smartphone manufacture market, with all the help of HTC for the design and hardware support.

According to other renowned tech reporting sites like TechCrunch, also confirms the possibilities of a HTC-Facebook smartphone that will most probably run the specific modified version of Android OS, and uses built in native Facebook functionality, and integrates all the Facebook apps designed specially for it’s online social platform.

HTC Facebook phone

There have been other reports indicating to the fact. The leaked HTC Myst images which hit the web earlier this month seemed to be in line with the Facebook phone rumors. The HTC Myst however had a 1.5 GHz dual-core snapdragon processor, with a 1 GB Ram support and supported with a 16GB built in memory. The device could most probably feature a 4.3-inch display with a 5-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front facing camera.

HTC already unveiled two Facebook phones the HTC Chacha and with a same specs HTC Salsa. Both featured an integrated Facebook button that helps users easy access to the social networking site. However both phone couldn’t attract customers and couldn’t touch even a million mark sale.

Despite all the Rumors the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has been seen continually denied such news and stated that Facebook has no intentions to crack in to the Smartphone manufacturing market. Those facts are true or these are just the speculations, we all have to wait and watch for the 4th April press conference, and if we are lucky we can come up with some official leaks even before this most anticipated event by the social network site.


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