Huawei Introduced their first Smart Watch at MWC 2015

hawai smart watch

Today was the day for Huawei in the MWC. Your event has focused exclusively on wearables, unveiling two new Talkbands and expected brand watch. The Huawei Watch comes hitting hard, and we bring you the first impressions of it direct from Barcelona.

Details are many, and complement such matter to the smallest. The new smart watch Huawei photo poses in front of the largest and least are very close.

Among the enemies to beat poses the Apple Watch, Moto 360, G Watch Gear R or S. Huawei has reason to dismiss each of them in favor of his. The Huawei Watch comes with a round screen, because in general ‘clocks are round’ and it is first come in this format without a black band or a protruding frames .

The truth is that, at first glance gives completely the trick. Personally the idea that not look like a gadget that I think is right, and the crown helps this. See which lies displaced toward the top (the two) to facilitate pressing and prevent key in hand wrist movement.


Huawei says he thought and much in you for this watch. Pointing hacie the fact that there is still no clock in the market that is passable in a little doll. When compared with the Moto 360 , we have had occasion, saw a slightly less bulky front although according to the angle that appear thicker .

We were unable to prove, at least in this demo version of Men’s Watches (remember that the Huawei Watch arrives mid-year, the price is not known), your heart rate monitor. The shipper is by pin, wireless charging anything, nor have data of their autonomy. What does this mean? Two options: either do not have ready, or bad news.

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