How the Internet of Things is improving the Concept of Smart Homes

The initiative to have homes automated dates back to the early 1920s. After years and years of technological growth, the idea is no longer an imagination but a reality.

In the early 2000s, more people bought into the idea, and the number of smart homeowners increased ever since. By 2012 According to ABI Research, over 1.5 million Americans were using home automation systems.

There is a high impact of IoT on home automation. Tremendous advancements in smartphone technology have made home automation possible for many economies.

Tracking of Home Deliveries

One of the first industry to adopt IoT is the transport and the delivery industry. The need for safely delivering cargo was one of the main reasons for the early adoption of technology. Smart Homes become real when homeowners got their deliveries right at their doorstep.

Cloud computing technologies have also made it easy for logistic companies because they can handle massive loads of data. It is the cloud data that makes it possible to track many deliveries.

The ability to order via mobile phones, track deliveries at every other point is fantastic. It is crucial for homeowners who feel their items are safe. And as a result, company owners gain trust.

Internet of Things Smart homes

Advanced Security Systems

Smart security systems are not very expensive. Most people are deviating away from traditional security systems. IoT has led to the creation of intelligent home security systems. It is now becoming common to find homes with smart cameras that use facial detection technology. Meaning, if a stranger goes past the camera, then the homeowner gets an alert.

The latest security systems are getting more advanced by time. Houses have advanced motion sensors that can notify the owner whenever there is an intrusion. Enhanced security systems, mean, you are less worried about uncertainties when you travel. Traditionally, even when you left a watchman or a security guard at your home, you always feared that you might find your house broken. But, with IoT, you can track activities from far away.

Unlimited Monitoring Via Smart-Phones

Most smart devices and systems come with smartphone applications. With smartphones, it possible to control the equipment, get real-time alerts, and updates from the manufacturer.

The manufacturer can check the state of the equipment without coming to your home. Some smart machines are self-aware. That means they can even alert you or the manufacturer in case anything is not functioning correctly.

Enhanced Efficiency in Home Tasks

Previously, without smart technology, some basic home tasks were hard. For example, cleaning is one of the most hectic home chores that most people detest. There were no assurances about security. You had to hire experts to clean high windows or your pool. The time used to monitor the cleaning activities was too much.

But, with smart technology, and IoT, all these challenges are no more. Now it is possible to clean when you are on the couch or away from home. They embed some appliances such as the dolphin triton robotic pool cleaner which uses optimal remote control technology with touch guided navigation for pinpoint accuracy and control. They can clean when they detect dirt or on specified schedules as they are self-programmed for optimal pool scanning. Robotic cleaning is efficient, fast, and hassle-free. You can control and schedule pool cleaning even when you are at work.

There are smart robots in almost all aspects of cleaning. I.e. windows, pools, floors, hard surfaces, and grills.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Imagine getting the recipe of the food you wanted to learn to cook right from your fridge. Yes, that is possible with smart fridges. Even shopping for groceries is easier because you can check and confirm the contents in your fridge right from your phone.

Smart fridges make it possible to listen to music while cooking. Either by using pre-installed Alexa or connecting your fridge with your music equipment via Bluetooth.

Using IoT and home automation will increase. Because adoption of IOT, is in its early stages, most people fear if their smartphones are secure in case of attacks from malware. There are anti-viruses and online security measures provided by third parties. But still, some smart homeowners are comfortable outsourcing passwords protection. If you will automate your home, then getting proper security systems for passwords is vital.

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