iPhone 6S mini will be a 4-inch smartphone to be released in 2015.


The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus has achieved new levels of popularity by setting some new sales record after their launch in September 2014. But some Apple die hard fans didn’t seem comfortable with extra big iPhone 6 and huge sized  iPhone 6 Plus and they wished to have a powerful specs loaded device embedded in a 4-inch size which they regard as the best size for a smartphone.

So their wish seems to be come true as some Rumors have been already spread out about the upcoming Apple device which is most probably the iPhone 6S Mini ( Continuing the old strategy ) and this device will follow the Apple’s old rule of standard 4 inch display. So we can say that the iPhone 5S was not the last one from Apple with the 4-inch screen there are more to come in 2015.

This new iPhone 6S Mini seems to be following the Android pattern of devices as most of the Android smartphone makers now release a Mini version of their flagship device which are smaller in size and some how get lower or mid range specs sheet. The first mini flagship device was made by Samsung and that was a smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now the tradition has been followed by many other Android smartphone makers including the HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony while there are dozens of other smartphone makers who love to make smaller version of their high end flagship devices.  The same trend has been followed by Apple now and in coming year we may see the first ever mini version of the Apple iPhone.

There are still no confirm reports about the device and we have no confirm specs sheet or even the leaked one but one thing which has been shared by the Cowen  Company analyst Timothy Arcuri is that the next year device to be released by Apple will follow the old display size ratio and has the same name strategy as seen with older devices. Some other inside reporters have claimed that the upcoming iPhone 6S mini will have the same specs as found  in the iPhone 5S which was released in 2013. But the forthcoming device may sport a new design with curved screen edges. If his report turns out to be true, the iPhone 6S Mini could replace the iPhone 5C as Apple’s low-end smartphone.


For our readers we will follow the lead of this leaked news and let you all know about the latest of the news coming about the upcoming iPhone 6S.