Is It Wise to Club CompTIA A+ Training Course And Practice Tests?

The moment you think of going for a professional IT certification to accelerate your career, you must start hunting for viable means to score the passing grades and earn the coveted certificate without any hurdles.

Ask anyone about which exam preparation tool is the best bet, and you’ll get an instructor-led training course as an answer. We’re also not ignoring its worth but is it enough? Can an IT certification aspirant fulfill his/her dreams with this single option?

Well, in this post, you will figure this out along with many other things. And if you’re in a mood to aim for the Certbolt badge and wondering what all you need to do to beat the corresponding exams, pay attention to what we’re going to say next.

CompTIA courses

CompTIA A+: Perfect Beginning

The A+ is a highly recognized vendor-neutral certification that IT industry beginners can consider for an effortless career journey start-off. It infuses the best-of-breed foundational knowledge of key computing & networking concepts in the hopefuls and makes them desirable for the industry.

And not only does it help IT enthusiasts to have smooth career embarking, but also serves as an ideal springboard into a bona fide IT career. Thus, with a solid foundation, which one will form using the CompTIA A+ credential, one has all the confidence and competency to shape a career as an Associate Network Engineer or System Support Specialist.

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A+ Training – Sure-Shot Way to Success

To make the CompTIA A+ certification all yours and flaunt it on your CV, you must roll up your sleeves to secure passing grades in not one but two exams namely, the 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2). Indeed, for an Exam-Labs , it could be too much. So, considering the same fact, the vendor offers the A+ tutor-led training package which includes:

  • 20 days of hands-on exam-related activities;
  • the A+ Core 1 & Core 2 exam vouchers with free retakes;
  • Lab sessions for the 220-1002 test.

Classes during such training are held from Monday to Friday at various certified training centers, and it costs $3999, which is indeed a huge sum. So, no doubt, this training course is doing a great job of preparing the candidates for D-day. However, there is a catch as it alone won’t be able to assess how ready the participant is for the main exams and which his/her loopholes are. Thus, this is where practice tests step in.

Practice Tests – Assess and Improve Your Performance

Practice tests give you a chance to analyze your exam preparation journey at each step, spot the knowledge gaps, and take remedial steps before it’s too late. All of these happen because practice tests create an actual simulated exam environment for you and let you assess your standing prior to sitting for the final tests.

In addition, these materials feature real-time A+ exam questions together with their detailed explanations, and such, with this realistic exam content, any CompTIA A+ badge aspirant can make acquaintances with the evaluation structure and difficulty level. Besides, with each practice test, candidates will get a detailed performance report throwing light on their weak areas that need further improvement and learn to handle the time necessary for completing each evaluation.

Ending Notes

Nothing is hard as long as you know your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, to ace the CompTIA A+ exams, you need more than just a training course.

For this reason, club reliable practice tests with the official training and double up your success odds. Best of luck as you prepare and take the 220-1001 and 220-1002 evaluations!

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