LG’s Flexible smartphone Z and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Active getting near

LG flexible Z series smartphone's curved concept

The flexible smartphone competition is beginning now in smartphone market. It’s what we have wanted so badly to proclaim for so long and at last we are in a position to actually hope the first curved Smartphone. LG also really wants us to know that they are almost ready to come out with their own flex display equipped Smartphone. They leaked some details about it to ZD Net to keep excitement for Smartphone users.

But the question of who’s going to be the first OEM to roll out a bendable handheld still stands And just like a month ago, the suspects remain Samsung and LG. The odd thing is both of the company’s execs insist on dropping hints and building hype, despite neither being prepared to actually showcase working products.LG’s plans for the innovative new technology, these are a tad more secretive, but at least we can rule out the Vu3 from the list of rad opening candidates. LG Z is said to make use of a concave curved display.

Samsungs flexible Galaxy Note 3  curved concept

What seems to be set in stone is the two traditional Korean based rivals LG and Samsung will have more official and detailed announcement for us by the end of October. Sammy, as soon as next week. As the LG Z is in production already, it will not only formally unveil this month but also commercially launched even in limited quantities.

And as we know, the Galaxy makers are tipped to be working out the kinks of a special, limited edition of the Note 3 with a flexible panel one that’s probably to be dubbed Galaxy Note 3 Active.

Source: IBTimes, Zdnet.

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