How to Fix LookMovie Video Not Loading?

If you are facing a LookMovie Video Not Loading issue on your PC or smartphone browsers, then you are not the only one facing this problem as many LookMovie users are facing issues in video loading or access denied.

So, here we will share with you some of the proven steps you should take to make your LookMovie site start loading the video content you need to watch.

LookMovie is one of the best platforms to stream movies for free with an extensive library and great video playback. This site lets users watch their favorite movies in HD and FHD. You will also see the option of subtitles in multiple languages. Each movie page has a great amount of important information.

Look Movie was taken down a while ago. Its last working domain was which was also shut down later.

Here is the currently working LookMovie site link.

But since many new sites like LookMovie are also not loading the movies or TV shows content in the browser, here are some ways to fix this video not loading issue.

Fix LookMovie Video Not Loading

Simple Steps to Fix the LookMovie Video Not Loading Issue:

Following are the steps to fix the video not working issue for the LookMovie website. This simple testing procedure can be done for other websites too, to make sure that the not working status can be fixed.

ISP Blocked issue:

If you are facing a LookMovie video loading issue or the site doesn’t load then this may be because of ISP blockage. A VPN can solve this problem as it will bypass ISP restrictions and route your internet connection. You will be accessing the site from a different location. You can also try Proxy servers as those intermediate between your PC and the site and you will be accessing the site indirectly.

Hosting Server Not Working:

Another reason behind video LookMovie not working is a hosting server problem because of various reasons. Free Movie sites like LookMovie don’t host videos themselves but embed them from other hosting providers. Check if it’s a temporary issue, as in this case, you may need to wait for it to be resolved.

There are multiple video hosting servers to try available on LookMovie playback. If the issue persists, using a VPN might help you solve this issue as it will bypass certain server restrictions and allow you to access the video content.

Clear Browser Cache & Data:

You can try to fix the LookMovie video not working or the site loading taking enough time by clearing the browsing data and cache. Purging Chrome browser data & cache is one of the best practices to solve this problem. Check the LookMovie streaming after clearing the browsing data and cache. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Access Chrome Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of Chrome as shown in the screenshot and choose settings from the dropdown menu.Chrome Browser Settings
  2. Now click on Privacy and security optionChrome Clear Data
  3. Choose “Clear browsing data”
  4. Now, you will see a pop-up settings box. Choose Advanced tab
  5. Customize your data clearing options like here first, select All Time as the Time RangeClear Browsing Data in Chrome
  6. Now choose to right-tick for options like “Browsing History”, “Download History”, “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files”
  7. Now click on the “Clear Data” button

Change Browser DNS:

Try changing the browser DNS to fix the LookMovie “Video not loading” issue. DNS basically translates the human-readable domain names into numeric IP addresses that are used to locate and connect to websites and changing DNS on Chrome won’t affect internet working.

Here are the steps to DNS Settings on your browser:

  1. Go to Chrome settings
  2. Now click on Privacy and SecurityChrome Browser Security
  3. Go to “Security”
  4. Click “Use Secure DNS” Chrome Browser Custom DNS
  5. Now choose “Customize” and set the DNS shown in the dropdown menu or enter any DNS. You can also check the DNS list below
DNS Server DNS Alternative DNS
Google Public DNS
Quad9 DNS (IPv4)
Quad9 DNS (IPv6) 2620:fe::fe 2620:fe::9
Cloudflare DNS

Remove or Re-install Chrome Extensions:

You may see any Chrome extensions that interfere with the functioning of LookMovie, as there are some extensions that impact how web pages are displayed or interact with your browser and can cause LookMovie site loading problems or prevent its video content from playing smoothly.

So removing or temporarily disabling extensions can help you fix the LookMovie video not working.

Steps to remove or disable extensions:

  1. Open Google Chrome settings and go to “Extensions” or enter chrome//extensions on the URL box.Chrome Extensions
  2. After opening the extensions page, you will see a list of your installed extensions. Now find the extension you want to remove or disable
  3. Now click the “Remove” button or disable it by right-ticking the toggling points Disable Chrome Extension
  4. Upon choosing remove a prompt will show up to Confirm the removal

Don’t forget to reload the Look Movie site after disabling or removing the extensions as it should be working now. You can also reinstall the extension after checking the LookMovie site functionality from the Chrome web store.

By following any or all of the ways explained above, Look Movie should be working now. If your LookMovie is still not working, Try these these options. Or you can simply download the app for your phone.

We hope this simple guide on how to fix video loading issues on LookMovie was helpful. Please feel free to comment below for any queries regarding the video loading issue.

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