Know all the Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Endings. [Good and Bad]

In this guide, we will describe in detail all the Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Endings the good ones, the normal ones, and the bad ones. But first, you must know about this famous Character.

Jumin Han is one of the main characters in the popular game Mystic Messenger, renowned for his calm demeanor, analytical mind, and immense wealth. He is the son of a wealthy family and the heir to the C&R Corporation, a business empire.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han

Character Traits and Personality

Jumin is highly methodical and tends to see everything from a business perspective. His decisions are always based on logic and rationality rather than emotions, making him seem aloof and insensitive at times. Despite his icy exterior, Jumin has a softer side that becomes apparent as you progress through the game. He deeply cares for those around him, even if he does not show it overtly.

His love for his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, is a testament to his ability to express affection and care. This shows a different side of his usually business-focused character, revealing a more tender and compassionate aspect of his personality. The updated version of the character is available on Google Play Store.

Relationships and Interactions

Jumin has complex relationships with the other characters in the game, but two stand out: his relationship with his assistant, Jaehee Kang, and with the main character (player).

Jumin’s relationship with Jaehee is strictly professional. He relies on her for most of his tasks and is somewhat oblivious to her struggles. However, he shows deep trust in her abilities and competence.

With the main character, Jumin’s relationship can be quite complex. It starts professionally but, based on the player’s choices, it can either blossom into a romantic relationship or remain as a close friendship. His progression in expressing his feelings adds depth to his character as he learns to balance his rationality with emotions.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Endings

Mystic Messenger Jumin Route:

In the game, Jumin plays a critical role as one of the potential love interests of the player. His route is filled with learning, growth, and understanding as he navigates through his emotional barricades. Jumin Route is filled with emotional revelations and personal development, and offers an intense experience for the players, making him a fascinating character within Mystic Messenger.

“Mystic Messenger” is an immersive story-based game that involves multiple endings for each character, depending on your choices throughout the game. The character Jumin Han, who is the wealthy, reserved corporate heir, has multiple endings as well. Here’s a guide for each of his endings:

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Endings All Good & Bad

  • Jumin Han Good Ending:

In this ending, Jumin comes to appreciate and respect the player’s independence, acknowledging that love is not a possession. He finally lets you leave his penthouse, promising a date at the party.

  • Jumin Han Normal Ending:

Instead of a romantic relationship, Jumin and the player form a close bond of friendship. You help him understand his feelings better and he seems happier and more emotionally balanced.

Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Ending Good Bad

  • Jumin Han Bad Story Ending 1:

If you encourage Jumin’s possessive behavior, you’ll get this ending. The player ends up trapped in Jumin’s penthouse indefinitely, with Jumin refusing to let you leave.

  • Jumin Han Bad Story Ending 2:

If you’re consistently rude to Jumin, rejecting his affections, he goes into a deep depression, unable to cope with your rejection.

  • Jumin Han Bad Story Ending 3:

If you are dismissive of Jumin’s emotions and disregard his feelings, he ends up firing Jaehee out of anger and isolating himself even more.

  • Jumin Han Bad Relationship Endings:

If you do not participate enough in the chats or fail to earn enough hearts for Jumin, you will get a Bad Relationship Ending. These endings occur if you do not show enough interest in Jumin.

Remember, your choices throughout the game determine which ending you’ll get with Jumin Han. However, you can still change your fortune by checking out this Mystic Messenger Email Guide, in which different Mystic Messenger Jumin Han Endings are possible in the game.

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