Download OnePlus 7 Pro USB Drivers for Rooting, Un-bricking device. [June 2019]

The latest Flagship device by OnePlus is here, and we are here with OnePlus 7 Pro USB Drivers. These PC Windows or Mac Drivers of OnePlus 7 helps you connect your device with PC or Mac. You can install new apps or even Root your OnePlus 7 using these USB Drivers.

OnePlus 7 Pro USB Drivers:

Driver Model: OnePlus 7 Pro
Driver Type: Official, General
Supports: Windows Computer
Driver Size: 20 MB

OnePlus 7 pro USB Drivers 2019

OnePlus 7 Pro USB Drivers which will help you to connect your device with either Window running PC or Mac loaded computers. With these Drivers, your computers will successfully recognize your device whenever it will be connected to the PC using any USB cables. For better speed and connection performance, USB Type-C cables are suggested to be the best for connection medium. To install these USB Drivers you need to follow the guide given below.

Main Features of OnePlus 7 Pro Drivers:

It helps in transferring any type of data from PC to mobile or from Mobile to PC, whether its the entertainment/ multimedia stuff like images, music, videos etc or its the most important documents that you want to have a copy on your phone. You need these One Plus 7 Pro USB Drivers downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computers.

Moreover, if you are a tech geek and want to get most out of your Android customization features, then you would like to root your device or you might go for any 3rd part custom ROM for your latest OnePlus 7 smartphone. So this can be only done if you have the latest USB drivers for OnePlus 7 Pro installed in your computer.

  • You can send or receive Images/ songs/ Multimedia files
  • You can send or Receive Documents on your PC.
  • You can Unlock Bootloader
  • You can Install TWRP or Root your OnePlus 7 Pro

Also Download: 

How to download OnePlus 7 Pro Drivers:

Follow this guide to download and install the OnePlus 7 Pro Drivers on your computer. These drivers can be installed on both Windows and Mac OS.

  1. First of all download, the OnePlus 7 Pro Drivers files from the given link below.
  2. Make sure to save them in the right folder.
  3. Once done You can run the OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup.exe file on Windows running PC.
  4. OR if you have mac then run the AndroidFileTransfer(OSX).dmg
  5. Linux users can run the file from the given folder.

That’s it once you have downloaded and installed the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Drivers on your PC or Mac computer you can now easily connect your device with it and do whatever you want.

Download: OnePlus 7 Pro Drivers Link

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