Samsung is ready to ship record numbers of Galaxy S6, but Galaxy S6 Edge demand is still on the rise.


The future flagship devices by the Korean smartphone makers have been already in revealed in an event on 1st of March at MWC Barcelona. In this event Samsung presenter described some of the features of the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, while ignoring some of the most talked about features in leaked reports on different sites even before the launch of these devices. The best and most talked about feature that will catch your eyes once you look at the device is the total new build quality and design, especially the Galaxy S6 Edge which looks more like a device from the future. Thanks to the designers behind the scene who finally decided to ditch the same old plastic over an entirely new design overhaul with the addition of uni body metal and glass instead of the lighter polycarbon material.

This change seems to be welcomed by the Samsung fans as the demand for the smartphone is already on fire as the device will be made available for public on Friday April 10th 2015. There are reports that Samsung has already received pre orders of up to 20 million for their Galaxy S6 device and there are more pre orders received for the Galaxy S6 Edge as well.

The chiefs of the company at a media event today have claimed that with the current high end demand the company would not be able to coup with the high demand of the Galaxy S6 Edge which is still on the rise. This is just because it is quite difficult to manufacture the curved display that the Galaxy S6 Edge owns. There are still no certain figures sheet provided by the company in their recent press conference and there are still no news of how many Galaxy S6 Edge will be made available in the market on the 10th of April.


Keep in touch we would like to talk about features of the future Samsung flagship devices there are yet more things that we would like to discuss with our readers in the future detailed hands on preview of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Meanwhile you can follow us on Twitter @AxeeTech and keep in touch with our updated posts.

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