Subway Surfers v1.51.1 Mod Apk ( Arabia)

Subway Surfers Arabia

Here comes yet another wonderful update for our most addictive endless runner game. In the World Tour saga, the Subway Surfers are in Arabia locating somewhere in the Middle East, with its new updated version released today Subway Surfers v1.51.1 Arabia. We have yet again come up with the modded apk of the subway surfers Arabia loaded with unlimited coins and Keys, that will help you getting the best boosted start of the new game. With the help of these coins you can fully upgrade your character by unlocking the features in the game. While the keys will help you play the game infinitely whenever your character get caught or smashed by the train you can use these keys to recovering it and continue your run in this latest apk app of the Subway Surfers v1.51.1 Mod Apk.

What is new in Subway Surfers Arabia v1.51.1 apk:

★ Travel to magical Arabia with the Subway Surfers World Tour
★ Take Amira, the beautiful dancer, for a spin in the mystical Middle East
★ Run and spell with the Surfer crew during the Wordy Weekend event
★ Jump on the Old Dusty board and soar through the majestic Subway
★ Collect hidden magic lamps in the Weekly Hunts to unlock sweet prizes
You can get the older version of Subway Surfers mods here

Subway Surfers Arabia v1.51.1 Hack features:

1- Unlimited Coins (Total of 9,999,999) enough for you to buy the whole features in the game.
2- These coins will never end no matter how many you spend. They will remain the same.
3- Unlimited Keys (Total of 9,999,999) So in a single Subway Surfers game you can die 1000 times and we will bring you back.
4- The best thing with this hack is that the keys don’t end and the number remains the same no matter how many time your character get caught by the dumpy policeman chasing him/her.
5- Not the free Hover boards here as you have to tap more to buy some but still many Characters are unlocked.
6- All Powers fully upgraded already even before you start playing.
7- All items in Subway Surfers Unlocked and available.


How to Hack Subway Surfer Arabia for Unlimited Coins and Keys :

Follow these steps to get this modded Subway Surfers Arabia v1.51.1 Mod .apk

1- Uninstall your current version of Subway Surfer (don’t worry your data won’t get erased)

2- Download the hacked version and install it in your phone or tablet. [ Links Given Down]

3- Open your app and sign in with your Facebook if you have a Facebook integration to get your records back .

Once again we will say Sit Back and Relax !!! You must have more than 9,999,999 Coins and 9,999,999 Keys. For exact figures read above. To download the Modded Subway Surfers Arabia Hack file Click On the Links below. The modded *.Apk file is 37.74 MB in size so better try WiFi or free internet! The links given below are links. Direct link in comment section.

* Download Subway Surfers Arabia v1.51.1 Mod Apk [ Link 1] [ Link 2] [ Link 3 ]

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