The BlackBerry’s Z30 launch and its effects on Smartphone Market

BlackBerry Z30 image, front view, 5 inch screen

The latest addition to BlackBerry’s smartphone BlackBerry Z30 has been officially announced.

It will be available in the UK and Middle East next week though other regions will have to wait till the holidays. Here I’m going to tell you about its specs;

The Z30 boasts a 5 inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.7 GHz CPU, quadcore graphics. Stereo speakers, new antenna technology for better connectivity in low signal area as well as a 2880 mAh battery, the biggest battery ever present in a BlackBerry device. BlackBerry is promising up to a 25 hours of “mixed use” with the battery life boosted by BlackBerry OS 10.2. A new antenna is along for the ride as well, promising faster data speeds and fewer dropped calls, though whether that happens in practice is something we will only findout once the device launches. The design includes just about everything you would expect, a slide out side menu includes group messaging features and other settings, while a contacts online but if you would like to do it in person, there are both a PIN and a QR option.


The new BlackBerry feature BB 10.2 with new Priority Hub, which learns the conversations and the people that are important to you and gives you instant access to those. There is also previews of messages you receive no matter what app you are in. And BB natural Sound, which promises BBM Voice and Video will sound more natural and realistic.

BlackBerry Z30 image, front view, 5 inch screen

As we know, BlackBerry’s Z10 and Q10 largely failed to make an impact earlier this year alongside the release of the company’s new smartphone OS, BlackBerry 10. Despite that the trio of launches were supposed to catapult BlackBerry back in to a contending position against Android and iOS, BB’s Market share has remained pitfully small. New rumors has circulated since emerged that Microsoft may buy out the once great smartphone company, but that’s very unlikely now that Redmond is in the phone hardware business.

The Company has not offered any specific launch time frame for device in North America, it seems the UK will be the first to get the phone.


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