YouTube history in a cool infographic.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website which was the idea of three former PayPal employees who got together in early 2005 and laid the foundation of YouTube which was made public for any user to upload or view videos online.

Thats why it went so viral in little time as most of the videos uploaded on youtube are made by individuals all over the world, and the best part is that a registered user can upload unlimited videos for free on and can make and operate unlimited channels at the same time. The popularity of the website make giants like Google to jump in and start serious negotiations with the developers and at last in November 2006 YouTube became wa successfully bought by Google for $1.65 Billion. Since then it operates as a subsidiary of Google and flourished   even faster and now become the most popular video sharing website. Here is the detail infographics that will explain where YouTube was and where it is now.

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Image Source: Mashable

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