Best and Affordable 4G / LTE Packages for Australia.


The 4G mobile broadband speeds in Australia have made some blazing improvements which lead to some high end speeds available for the ordinary smartphone users in the country, and with the increasing competition among the companies to get a larger chunks of customers the rates for the 4G / LTE connectivity has dropped down significantly.

If you are the one who is looking for some affordable and speedy 4G LTE internet packages for your smartphone for Australia then you are at the right place now. We have gathered some of the best or cheapest data plans that will make your 4G/ LTE usage experience to the next level on your smartphone or any other mobile device.

There are many cellular companies in Australia that offers some top notch 4G data packages for their customers and still maintain the cheapest possible rates that once users were offered in initial days of 3G services. This includes some of the most used cellular companies in Australia that won’t cost you extra to take advantage of the huge speed boost that everyone is looking for their devices. In fact you can save some money in switching the lower end 3G to the better high end 4G or LTE services provided by the company. Today we will compare the current rates of the famous Australian cellular networks Jeenee Mobile, Vaya, Vodafone and optus.

1- Jeenee Mobile:

Here is the new Jeenee Mobile data plans for the 4G LTE services that the company provides for the customers. The new customers with the 4G devices plans has the $35 plans activated on their SIMs which can be changed at any time. Other package details are given below.

Jeenee mobile

2- Optus 4G:

The 4G packages offered by the Optus 4G can be seen in the following graph. The new high value 4G offerings bring the standard $45 package for the device while there are 1GB bonus data on the deal as well. You can also select from the $30 and $60 monthly packages with different data rates.

Optus 4G

3- Vaya Mobile:

In the most Lowest and most verstial packages are offered by the Vaya mobiles in Australia and have been successfully adopted by masses. The company offers high end 4G internet packages starting from as low as $16 and carries on to $50.

Vaya mobile

4- Vodafone:

Vodafone Australia can not be regarded as the cheapest 4G service but their packages have unlimited calls and text plans available for their customers.



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