Best Free Live TV streaming apps for Windows 10/11 PC.

Today we are here with the list of 10 Best Free Live TV Streaming Apps for PC Windows 10. With the rapidly growing internet availability and with the introduction of Fiber Optics, The Phenomenon of Internet Protocol Television is getting more popular.

There are dozens of good reliable companies out there who are providing some really stable and affordable IPTV streaming resources. This made the world’s most famous Online Video Resource YouTube introduce its very own YouTube TV a couple of months ago. Moreover here is the list of 23 Best Apps to watch live football matches for free. You can download these apps on your BlueStacks App player and enjoy watching free live Football matches on PC.

Live TV apps for PC are constantly growing due to high demand of IPTV streaming services provided around the world.

So we have decided to come up with some of our Own Tried and tested best Live Tv Apps for PC which you can download and install on your Windows 10 PC to watch Live TV. These apps can also be downloaded on PC, desktop, or Laptop computers with older versions of Windows 8, 7, or XP installed on them.

I have published some of the best IPTV players for Windows PC, but to run those you need a working M3u Playlist of TV channels, and to find any working free m3u Playlist 2023 is quite hard these days. So better we use such apps that have playlists built in, or at least they have working links.

Live TV Streaming Apps

List of Best Live TV Streaming Apps for Windows 10:

Here is the list with download and installation guides added to our Live TV Apps for PC guide list.

1- Live NetTV App:

Although this app is actually developed for Android and iOS smartphones, with the availability of better smartphone app emulators you can easily download and install the Live NetTV App on your Windows 10 PC. The best thing about this app is that it has all the main cable channels available. So it can be a Cut the cable thing you need for your computer. The main features include:

  • 150+ live channels making it the best free live tv app for Windows 10 PC.
  • Multiple streaming links for channels so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service even if some link goes down
  • 7 categories that provide information and entertainment for all age groups
  • User-friendly app with Material Design UI
  • Quick user support. If you want any channel of your choice. Just let us know via the in-app channel request option and we will try to add it as soon as possible.

Here is the complete guide to letting you know how to download and install Live NetTV on PC Windows 10.

2- Swift Streams for PC Windows 10:

This is yet another wonderful app that has been released for Android smartphones, But with some simple tricks, you can download and install it on your PC running Windows or Mac OS. This app also has the same functionality as found in the Live NetTv app. You have the luxury to browsing different channels including the best of Sports, News and lots of entertainment channels from all over the country. Here are some of the main features of the app.

Swift Stream gives access to enjoy TV and Radio from many countries within a single app – Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

  • Smoothly works on (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) networks.
  • App Working Well On Smartphone, Tablet Etc.
  • No Registration or Membership is Required.
  • No Need To Install Any Player Or Plugin
  • Swift Streamz is the most authentic and tested free live tv streaming app.

Here is how to download and install Swift Streamz on PC Windows 10.

Swift Streamz apk for pc

3- Kodi for PC Windows 10:

Kodi has become old but is still one of the best Entertainment packages for users who want something on their PC. There are tons of new Addons added in the Kodi platform where you can get access to the most watched cable TV network. Some of the best and most updated Kodi live TV addons are given here in this list.

Besides this Kodi helps you download or enjoy the latest Music, Movies, and TV Shows with their latest players available for almost all platforms.

Here are some of the best Kodi add-ons.

  1. Exodus for Kodi
  2. Raze Reborn for Kodi
  3. Comic Saints 4k for Kodi
  4. ShowBox for Kodi

Kodi 17.4 Apk Android

4- Microsoft Movie and TV App:

The stock TV and Movies app pre-installed in the older version of Windows 10 also fulfills the purpose of Free Live tv streaming on Windows computers. But you still need the working m3u playlist to add all those free streaming channel links to your Movie and TV player for Windows.

This also works with Free TV app for PC with the ability to add more free TV Channels from across the world. This is like adding and removing *.m3u links into your media player.

Some More Free Live TV Streaming Apps for PC in 2023

TVCatchup Live Tv App For PC

TVCatchup is a free app that allows you to watch live TV on your phone or tablet. It has a range of channels, including BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Channel 4. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free app that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows. Pluto TV has over 100 channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and more. The app offers a selection of popular movies like “The Avengers” and “Spider-Man 2”, along with plenty of other television series from around the world such as Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV show) or NCIS (TV show).

You can also find short clips from major news networks such as CNN or Fox News Live! in addition to podcasts on topics ranging from politics to sports. The Android app has even more live-streaming featured channels list making it one of the best live tv app for pc windows 10.

Mobdro Live Tv For PC

Mobdro is a free app that allows you to stream live TV on your phone or tablet. The service is available for Android, iOS and Amazon Fire devices.

Mobdro is a great way to watch content from around the world without having to pay for it directly. It’s also easy to use: simply download the app onto your device then head out into the wild blue yonder with nothing but your fingertips!


  • Install Showbox on your device
  • Open the Showbox app and log in with your account information (if you don’t have an account, watch this tutorial on how to create one)
  • Start watching!


YouTube is a video streaming platform that allows users to watch videos for free. Its content is wide-ranging, with thousands of different categories and channels to choose from. The platform also has a huge user base, with over 1 billion active users each month.

YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006; today it’s the second most visited website in the world after Google itself.


USTVNow is a streaming service that offers access to over 120 channels, including all of the major broadcast networks and many cable channels. The app works on Android, iOS, Apple TV and Fire TV devices.

USTVNow offers a 7-day free trial before requiring a subscription (which starts at $7 per month). There’s also an optional one-month membership available if you’re looking for something less expensive than the monthly option.

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their service after signing up for an account or purchasing content through their website or app store listings (you can’t use this offer if your account has been active for less than 30 days).


TVPlayer is a live and on-demand TV service that works on most devices. You can watch on your phone, tablet, and computer as well as on smart TVs and game consoles.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV is a live streaming app that allows you to watch TV on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. The service is available in the US and UK, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

You can download the app from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store for free but there are in-app purchases available if you want more content or ad-free viewing.

Live Net TV streams HD video content at 60 frames per second (fps). The quality of the video looks good on smartphones but not quite as good when viewed on larger screens like tablets or laptops

Redbox TV

Redbox TV is a free app that lets you stream live TV and movies on your phone or tablet. It’s also free to download, use, watch and cancel at any time.

Redbox offers three types of plans: one month for $8/month; six months for $16/month; or twelve months for $24/month. The plan allows you to watch unlimited content streams on any device within the same household as long as they have access to an internet connection (e.g., WiFi). If you decide to cancel your subscription before midnight ET on the last day of each billing cycle, then all wages earned will be refunded back into your account within 24 hours after the cancellation date occurs!


AOS TV is a free app that allows you to stream live TV. It’s available for iOS and Android, with an iOS version that has been downloaded more than 7 million times since its release in 2015. The app also offers to a stream of over 500 live channels including ESPN, ABC News, and Cartoon Network among others.

AOS TV has several payment options depending on the type of subscription you want:

  • Free trial: Users can try out AOS TV for free by signing up through their website or by downloading the app onto their device from the App Store or Play Store (Google Play). If users like what they see and decide to continue using it after their free trial end then they will be charged $4 per month after 30 days have passed since signing up for an account at www(dot)aostv(dot)com/signup. This amount covers all costs associated with running this service as well as paying legal fees associated with copyright infringement claims made against us by third parties such as internet providers who are trying hard stop us from providing this service but failing miserably at doing so…

Sportz TV

Sportz TV is a free app that allows you to watch live TV on your phone or tablet. It has a wide range of sports channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Network. The service also offers news coverage from around the world as well as access to sporting events like the World Cup and Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Sportz TV offers no ads and has features such as backup recordings for premium subscribers who pay $4 per month or $40/per year (which includes all sports). If you still want to know which tv channels are broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches in your area, then head to this TV Channels list now.

Pro Tip: 

Soap2Day Alternative | 123Movies Alternatives | FMovies Alternatives

These free apps allow you to stream live TV on your phone or tablet.

Live TV streaming is one of the most popular ways to consume content on your mobile phone or tablet. There are many apps that allow you to stream live TV channels, but not all of them are free. Some require a subscription fee while others are completely free. If you want access to more than just the basics, it’s worth checking out some of these apps:

  • Pluto TV (iOS/Android): This app offers over 500 channels from around the world, including some UK channels such as Sky News and Channel 4. It also has a good interface, which makes watching TV even easier than before!
  • Mobdro (Android): This app allows users who don’t have cable subscriptions or any other way to watch movies/TV shows through their computers/laptops etc.. They simply download an app onto their smartphones and then start watching whenever they want! The only downside might be limited availability because there aren’t many places where people could buy these types of services yet so we recommend trying out both options until one becomes more widespread.”


If you want to stream free live TV, there are plenty of apps to choose from. We’ve listed some of the best options above, but if you’re looking for something more specific then check out this article on how to use Kodi as an alternative to cable TV. Don’t forget that all these services have their own set of rules and limitations when it comes time to watch videos online or offline which may or may not apply depending on your location or device type (PC/Mac vs Android).

These are the best working apps that will help you watch Free Live TV streaming apps on your PC Windows 10. Besides this, there are tons of other apps but those are not as stable as the above-mentioned apps.

The list includes JLC Internet TV, Readon TV Movie Radio Player, SopCast, TVUPlayer, and Online TV Player, But this software are pricey and most of them are not even updated for years. So better try the new ones given above.

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