Download UNO & Friends Mod v1.8.0 Apk loaded with Token and Coins.


If you want to play the best card game on your Android device with your friends then this UNO & Friends is the most acclaimed game available out there. The gameplay allows 4 persons to compete in an online contest. You can play all the card into the discard pile with playing a single card or y drawing any card in a move. The UNO & Friends is a simple and easy to learn card game but with all these features the gameplay is bit difficult, as you have to work hard to grow in the line of your friends.

But we will let you get most out of this game as the UNO & Friends Mod v1.8.0 is here and you can download and install it on your Android device loaded with unlimited Tokens and Coins for your game play. So you can rank higher faster with a lots of powers in your hands. You can get UNO & Friends Mod Apk from the links given below but we will look into the features of the game first.

√ Easy to learn, difficult to put down!
√ Create games and invite your friends to play!
√ Challenge millions of UNO fans worldwide!
√ Utilize Boosts & Super Boosts to diversify your strategy!
√ See how your card skills rank with leaderboards!
√ Compete in weekly contests to win rewards!
√ Customize your UNO game with backgrounds, card deck designs & special effects!
√ Play online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi!
√ Connect using your free Facebook Connect account!
√ Connect via Google+ and play UNO with your Google+ friends!


What is available in Uno & Friends Mod v1.8.0 Apk:

With this modded apk for UNO & Friends

1- 65025 tokens wont change

2- 65025 coins won’t change

3- Vip unlocked

unofriends_04How to install UNO & Friends Modded Apk:

1- To Install the UNO & Friends apk you need to download and install this modded apk from the link given below.

UNO & Friends Modded apk

2- To get infinite tokens and coins make sure to play 1 match/round and after it ends you get infinite tokens & coins

That’s it. You have got all the needed Tokens and Coins. If you want to connect your game with Facebook then you make sure to delete the Facebook and the messanger apps  fro your device. Now open your browser and login to your Facebook account, Once you are done. You can install the Facebook and messenger apps that you use most of the time.

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