Google Services down right now. [YouTube, Adsense, Analytics, SnapChat] [14 December]

Right now many Google Services are down. Including the famous Youtube, Google Analytics, Google Adsense. We have seen some of the worst blackouts of the Google Play Store with its major Server Error messages. The same issue seems to be circulating to all other Google services.

In what seems to be a relatively widespread outage, Google services ranging from Search to Gmail are having problems. Reports started popping up for some major services, like YouTube and Search on DownDetector in the past several minutes.

Google Service Down

Since Snapchat, YouTube, Discord etc. all use Google Cloud Platform. So if goes down, then everything that uses it goes down as well.

Here is what people have to say about all this on famous Social Media Apps.

Google Analytics Down Tweets:

YouTube Not Responding Tweets:

Snapchat is Down:

Latest Google Cloud Outage Map:

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