Here are the latest and Working IP address for DoulCi Servers.


We have been getting reports of the blocked doulCi Servers as the IP addresses of servers have been pointing to the dead ends. This is due to the load on the servers as users of iPhones or iPads rush to Bypass iCloud Activation using this online tool. The IP Address conflict may also be caused by the regular IP address updates that have been done by the teams of experts behind the whole scenario i.e is the Merruk technologies and the AquaXetine.

Well we have been closely monitoring all the IP addresses and we have found a list of new and Working IP addresses for DoulCi Servers which are currently functioning.

Working IP Address for doulCi Servers:

The list includes some new and fresh IP addresses and some old ones which are still found working to Bypass iCloud Activation using some simple techniques. The DoulCi servers may have new addresses and some new changes made in them but this list of IP addresses given below have been found 100% working at the moment.

The list includes the Current doulCi IP addresses, Working! and the ones that have been updated recently. We will make sure to update them and add more addresses to the list as soon as we get any info about the newly added doulCi Servers.

The current doulCi server IP addresses are:


Updated doulCi IP’s:

  • Update 1:
  • Update 2:
  • Update 3:

However as described earlier there have been confirm reports that the team behind DoulCi have decided to introduce the first ever DoulCi Software named iCloud bypass Activator, which seems to be announced soon. The team lead AquaXetine have already tweeted the testing of this software and thanked the debugger in this one.


However we @Axeetech will make it sure to update the list of all the Latest or Working IP Addresses of the Doulci Servers until the doulCi Software made its debut. Get in touch with us by following us on TwitterFacebook or  Google + to know more about iCloud Bypass Activator in coming days.

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