How is Artificial Intelligence used in Education?

MD What are the perks and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in education? Learn more about how AI can boost your educational process and even productivity.

MT How artificial intelligence in education affects your studies 


Who has never heard of Artificial Intelligence? This phenomenon penetrated all spheres of modern life. From the economy to the real estate industries, everyone uses the latest AI trends and innovations. Although you may not notice it, AI and education have become one entity. No studies are possible without AI technologies anymore. 

Even lms development is extremely popular among businesses, not only students. Due to the pandemic, people must move online to get their knowledge, acquire new skills, and even receive their degrees. Some students find online education hard while others consider it a fun and engaging way of receiving new knowledge and profession.

No matter what your attitude to remote education and AI is, it is already an integral part of modern studies. All you can do is catch up with the latest trends. If you have never thought that you are already involved in AI education, check the following information and see how exactly this technology and your education are overlapped! 

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Automated Basic Administrative Activities

Teachers spend a lot of time on different administrative activities such as worksheets assessments and grading. Many schools, colleges, and universities already made these processes automated. You definitely faced such things as electronic multiple-choice questions or the blanks filling. 

Preparing the report cards for students is also time-efficient. The use of artificial intelligence in education reduces pressure and brings teachers more free time. Such processes can be easily automated as well. Instead of doing this routine work, teachers can spend more time teaching their students. It makes the learning process more beneficial for both students and their teachers.


One of the core modern tendencies in schools is personalization. Everyone is trying to reach it nowadays. Thanks to artificial intelligence in schools, all students have a chance to enjoy the most individual approach ever in their studies. Learning programs can be based on the unique experiences and preferences of students.

AI is not a teacher who is quite generalized and like all humans, simply cannot adjust quickly to every student. It can easily adjust to the level of knowledge, required goals, and learning speed of every student. It helps students get the most out of their education. Moreover, different solutions are launched to analyze students’ weaknesses, learn their learning histories, and find the best solutions to improve. 

AI opens a lot of opportunities for students like never before. No, its purpose is not to substitute for teachers forever. It aims at assisting teachers to understand the potential and flows of each student for the most efficient learning process. It facilitates the process for both students and teachers. A teacher can quickly realize the needs of every student and create an individual plan for them. 

Round-the-clock Access to Education

Everyone knows that machine learning in the classroom has made things easier. Thus, AI, in general, allows students to access the most powerful learning tools 24/7. They can do it anytime and anywhere. You may say that students must follow discipline and not spend their nighttime on education because it causes a lot of stress and reduces their productivity. 

It is true to some extent but we are talking about something different. Thanks to AI, students do not have to wait for their educators. They can access the materials and courses whenever they find it necessary. All students have different schedules and even biological clocks, so choosing an appropriate time for learning individually is crucial. No living or traveling expenses are required. 

Chatbots in Tutoring

Not all students need extra help outside of the classroom. Moreover, not all teachers have enough time to provide such help after their work hours. Chatbots and E-tutors are perfect in this case. No, no one says that even the best chatbot can truly substitute for an educator. But they can improve their weaknesses and boost their skills outside of the classroom.

One-on-one education experience without the participation of a teacher is now possible. Students can easily get answers to any questions at any time of the day. Statistics show that the average time of a chatbot’s answer to questions is less than 3 seconds. That speed allows students to learn much faster than it happens in the classroom.

Prompt Responses

Students have many questions for teachers. You know that teachers do not work 24/7. When someone is learning and processing the materials, questions may arise. Students do not have their teachers by their sides at the moment. Sometimes, they have to write the question down (but only the most diligent and responsible students do that) and then, ask the teacher the next time they see him or her.

Every answer to the question is valuable when received on time. Nothing frustrates students more than an answer obtained three or four days later. During distance learning, this time can be even longer because students have to wait for teachers to open their chats or emails and see the questions. Normally, the latter are overwhelmed with questions and one can wait for answers forever.

Thanks to AI in education sector, students have a chance to find answers to the most frequently asked questions in a matter of an eye blink. This releases tons of free time for teachers but also speeds up the process for students.  


Artificial intelligence is not something extraordinary. When mentioning this phrase, most people imagine robots teaching students instead of their teachers or VR lessons that create an unforgettable learning experience. No, AI is already fully integrated with our lives and studies. 

Using computers and all possible apps and software, passing tests and answering multiple-choice questions online, and even studying with the help of Zoom or Google Meet during the pandemic is a part of AI technologies in the education sphere. The benefits of ai are simply endless.

Thanks to it, students and teachers have a chance to complete tasks online, fill in plenty of unnecessary and boring forms much faster and automatically, and even apply for various scholarships and programs whenever they are to any place of the globe they wish. AI creates studies without boundaries. 

Maybe sometime soon, even the most familiar and routine processes will be fully replaced by machines but for now, both students and teachers can fully enjoy the advantages of Artificial Intelligence to the extent it managed to penetrate the niche. The best is yet to come, so let us be patient enough to see what the most innovative technologies have to tell us soon.

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